Is John Edward a fake?

image It seems like whenever I turn on the SciFi channel, there's John Edward talking to the dead. I don't really care if he actually can talk to the dead or not (I assume he can't). I'm more concerned by the fact that his show is boring. But on the start of his Australian tour, a man has sued him, claiming that Edward's show violates the Trade Practices Act which stipulates that suppliers of goods can't make claims that they can't substantiate. In this case, Edward claims he can talk to the dead, but the guy suing him is pretty sure he can't. It'll be interesting to see how the case is resolved.

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Posted on Sat Feb 21, 2004


Posted by Ray  on  Wed May 27, 2009  at  04:16 AM
These performers are more likely psychics reading minds of audience members - which is where they are getting their info from. Mind reading is VERY REAL - it has been studied, proved and used by military, for nearly 100 years in the Soviet Union. If you can read (I doubt some of you can based on your non-ability to spell) get your hands on an out of print book called "Psychic Discoveries" by Sheila Ostrander. It will blow your mind. If you still claim that psychics do not exist, then you obviously were incapable of understanding the book. It's real - get over it. However, people like John Edwards have a show and audiences and yes, they do use tricks, just like Uri Geller did, even though he is very real and talented too. But even mind-readers have off days, so they have to rely on tricks. It's too bad, but it's entertaining. Anyone going to a group reading should know this. In a private reading, they are most likely reading your mind. Many countries use psychics to solve crimes. Don't you people read the papers? By the way, I came to this website, because I know someone who went to one of his shows, and supposedly had a "hit".
Posted by Laurel  on  Mon Jun 08, 2009  at  08:19 PM
I have otherwise intelligent friends who pay big bucks to see John Edward in person. They go gaga over his chicanery. Tickets are purchased well in advance and I believe (and have heard) that he sends his staff into the towns where some of the ticket buyers live and they innocently investigate things about the unaware fools. My friends went to his show and he did not help them but they are still in love with him. Pretty sad if you ask me. I saw a man do what Edward does, only he did it to show how a skilled person could fool people into thinking he was psychic. I'm disgusted everytime I see John Edward on TV. But it's the fools who keep him rich so what can we do. Nothing. Just like it's the fools who put the greedy politicians in charge of our lives. We deserve what we get.
Posted by S.D.  on  Fri Jun 19, 2009  at  01:08 PM
there are people who have abilities, but john edward is a douche. a conning, lying, underhanded, fake, douche.
why do i think there are people who have some kind of ability? my father took me to a psychic and had a chart done. he died, and whilst cleaning out boxes of old crap in my mother's attic, we came across it. it was dated nov 3, 1984- done when i was five. i was 16 when we found it. and it was accurate to a very high degree. not general crap, either- ie, you will go through difficulties with drugs and alcohol, you will leave home early, you will always want children, but will lose at least one and have difficulty having another. more? you will have the ability to do any job you wish but choose occupations that are morally rewarding more than financially rewarding. your career choices will be things that serve others.
at the time we found that chart, i had been in alateen for a year- i did have a drinking problem. i was home from job corps that weekend- i had already moved out of my mothers home. i do want children, and two years later had a miscarriage. two years ago i went through early menopause and can't have kids. i work two jobs that pay little- one as a youth advocate, the other as a personal health aid for the disabled. i have had jobs that paid triple what i make now, but i've always quit them to go back.
so, yes, there are a lot of unexplainable phenomena and abilities in the world- but john edward possesses none of them, and unfortunately crooks like him give a bad name to the honestly gifted people of the world.
Posted by airica  on  Thu Jul 30, 2009  at  06:05 PM
John Edward is soo fake he proberly asks all about the people before aired, after the credits with him talking and names next to it , there is a massive load of writting which stays on for like 5 seconds and it's saying it's fake
Posted by Jack  on  Tue Sep 08, 2009  at  05:10 PM
It is interesting to hear so many people call him fake and yet I bet none of you have ever seen him live. I too am a skeptic and my brother came with me. He thought he was a fake and was looking for microphones etc. I can tell you that I didn't hear one person talking about dead loved ones.

He came to one person was explaining how the dead relative spoke an obscure language like Farsi. It took a good five minutes for the person to remember that she and her relative had spoken Farsi as a child. There were many more instances and I was LOOKING for the fishing. I didn't see it. He comes up with very specific examples that I can't see being made up.

Oh and by the way, he actually had a show in a relatively small community so I doubt that there were Edwards plants fishing around without someone figuring that out. It's not like people start talking about where their relative's quirks or secrets while waiting in line at the grocery store.

I'm not convinced but it is enough for reasonable doubt.
Posted by April  on  Thu Sep 17, 2009  at  10:45 PM
ok i have an idea that will stop all these arguments on wether he is for real or not. Why dosent someone go on his show and the first thing he says jus agree with and go along with whatever he is saying so he has this elaborate story about someone that has died in your family. Then just shout I MADE ALL THAT SHIT UP YOU FUCKING DOUCHE I HOPE YOU DIE A PAINFULL DEATH!!! Death happens and we all need to get over the fact that someone close to your heart has died. We dont need these douche's pretending he can talk to them because if anything its slowing don the healing process.
Posted by Neil  on  Wed Oct 07, 2009  at  05:33 AM
this is the most hilarious board I have ever read. I think there are far worse mediums around than john edward, you guys obviously havent seen some of them from the uk - Derek Acorah is my particular favourite. I recommend him for a giggle, he is as mad as a fish.
Personally I like John Edward he is way more specific than a lot of others.
I cant believe people get so wound up by mediums because they cant prove what they are saying - people have been believing far more ridiculous stories for hundreds of years without a shred of evidence - christianity anyone? now thats an outrage and think how much money churches suck out of people every year and the fear they cause people. I think people should focus their gripes where it is most deserved.
Posted by elsie  on  Wed Oct 07, 2009  at  11:33 AM
Eddy,it sounds to me like you have serious issues with the great people of the U.S. and the country in general.All I can say is Fuck you and everyone who loves to talk about the "Evil Empire."You are probably from that faggot island that we kicked it's ass and sent packing,and saved it's pussy countrymen from nazi invasion.No matter where you are from, you can believe that the U.S has done more for your backwards ass shit hole than the pathetic assholes that run the country.So next time you want to rant about what idiots Americans are,do it in person.That way you can experience first hand a good old fashioned American ass whipping.
Posted by chris in the good ole' USA  on  Wed Oct 14, 2009  at  02:21 PM
you're all a bunch of retards. an entertaining bunch of retards. never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and dim witted people can be. thank you john edwards for showing it. now go die in a horrible fire and take all your idiotic fans with you.
Posted by another joe  on  Thu Dec 17, 2009  at  02:00 AM
C'mon............COLD READING!!!!! It isn't difficult to take advantage of people who are desperate for emotional relief or closure. I'm not even saying that there are not people who "know" beyond common "knowing," but I believe that to exploit that type of special knowledge goes against what it is there for and someone who is for real wouldn't do it in the first place. Thus, this would place Edward in the catagory of non-denominational or possibly agnostic televangelist.
Posted by MSt  on  Tue Dec 22, 2009  at  11:49 AM
i've had a plan for a while to see if he's fake or not...

Enter his show, buy tickets all with a fake name... That way he or his team won't be able to research you...

And should he have people that watch you before the show... Just live a different life or something for a while...

If he's the real deal then he would know your using a fake name and would find true info for you... If not then he'll start asking you about people that don't exist
Posted by Anthony  on  Mon Dec 28, 2009  at  09:38 AM
hi guy john ewards is a fruad because derren brown dose the exact same thing and he has always said he isnt a medium or anything, john eward just take the stupidity of the masses to get money from them
Posted by dan  on  Sat Jan 09, 2010  at  05:08 PM
Edwards is a bullshitter. Watch his how carefully and you will hear it
Posted by John  on  Thu Jan 14, 2010  at  06:37 AM
John edwards sucks kkthzzbai
Posted by Dawesome  on  Fri Jan 22, 2010  at  05:04 PM
Okay....Everyone's opinions are good, free speach and all. I hope that Mr. Edwards is legit, BUT...I So wanted to see his show in Boston this coming weekend, but $175.00 a ticket???!!! PLEASE....Unless EVERYONE gets a reading at that price....AND A CALL TO THEIR DEAD RELATIVES....Like the Gypsy lady in the 1970's who wanted to read my fortune....."I see a man/woman who wants to offer you a job/ good fortune, etc....If you get enough people together in a room, you WILL get someone to fit the bill......I might STILL beleive in him, but that $175.00 per person charge per person just rings my warning bells like crazy.....
Posted by Dave  on  Mon Feb 01, 2010  at  10:01 PM
I have visited the states many times, and always found the majority of US citizens to be very respectful and well mannered, thats why I am very surprised at the bad language submitted on this site, as well as the bad grammatics and spelling. If folks do not believe in John Edward not Edwards, why do they have to spoil things for people it gives great comfort too. Whether you believe in him or not, why not change your way of thinking IE believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.
Pianogirl UK
Posted by Maxine Holcombe -Rose  on  Thu Feb 04, 2010  at  09:56 AM
I am going to have to agree with Maxine, they are many convincing arguments that suggest that he is a using people's emotions as well a series of well practiced techniques to obtain the desired result. There are also a series or arguments that suggest that he might have some sort of gift. I personally do not believe that he does but uses cold reading along with possible amounts of mind reading (which has been proved) to gain his results. I started reading this blog trying to find more insight about John Edwards and see if anyone has logical explanations or opinions about his practice... I leave with an baffling sense of wonderment on why people need to be so vulgar in voicing their opinions. To even further contradict the non believers, many of you using spelling that would make a 4 year look more educated and a truck driver seem well spoken while calling people that do believe in John Edwards stupid. It just seems slightly ironic that you show your lack of intelligence so blatantly while calling others stupid as well. I don't believe in preying on people's emotions to gain profit just as I don't believe degrading yourself to voice your opinion. REALLY PEOPLE SO SOME SELF RESPECT!
Posted by Chris my last name doesn't matter  on  Thu Feb 25, 2010  at  09:56 AM
If derren Brown wanted to I believe he could do this but he has more respect for people. Anyone watch lie to me they could spot a lie from body language and facial expressions, voice, and words used could be easy for John Edwards to spot someone trying to lie to him to expose him as a fake.

I believe the show probably is edited to make him look better and when he does find someone he does milk it to the point of 20 minutes on one person.

Derrick Achora (dont know how to spell it) was outouted as a fake and personally I think they should be shot lol.

I wonder what would happen in the show if no one in the crowd had not lost any loved one.
Posted by Jamie1000013  on  Sun Apr 11, 2010  at  04:27 AM
i had a look at one of this guys shows and couldnt believe how much coldreading he did when i die im not gonna try to contact anyone from beyond the grave through that douchbag.
Posted by Elliott  on  Tue Apr 20, 2010  at  04:13 AM
I have found that most people don't believe in any mediums or psychics cuz they don't believe in what they don't see! I am that way too. I believe in the afterlife cuz we don't just die and cease to exist spiritually. I believe in heaven and that someday we'll meet our loved ones again. But I also would love to know if they are around me,especially my boyfriend who died young and unexpectedly. I never got a chance to say good bye and I'd love to know if he'll wait for me in heaven! I guess its just each individuals beliefs and skepticisms and their need to "see it to believe it!"
Posted by Kathy  on  Wed Jun 30, 2010  at  07:20 PM
OK i just want to say he is a douche. Oh and Jamie is it? Do you have to talk in all caps and then also misspell every word?

And way to state the obvious, retard!
Posted by h  on  Tue Jul 13, 2010  at  08:07 PM
I agree there ARE people that have "The Gift."
I have not met any of them as of yet.
I trust that when I do,
it will be a positive
Posted by Scot  on  Fri Jul 16, 2010  at  02:05 AM
Whoever said mind reading is real and everyone who believes in this cock I'm surprised you retards made it through natural selection. Same for you people talking about south park as if it is fact it's a cartoon. Also the kid who mentioned god fuck that. If god is real why did he give this power to someone to help no one and make money off it? So he's lying for fuckin sure. hope you read this and wake the fuck up. No Santa, no magic, no mind reading, no such thing as talking to the dead. Accept it.
Posted by Chris  on  Wed Jul 28, 2010  at  09:47 PM
I can see why the TV show is suspect. He's looking at the person, getting clues. Problem is, he's been put in a room with no clues and gotten improbable things like "the person who passed had a dog that was named after a food"
The test was done at a university, at great pains to make it scientific. He couldn't see, couldn't hear the subject. He'd have to guess a lot to get that one right. The dog's name was popsicles.
Posted by Scott6113  on  Sun Aug 08, 2010  at  06:34 AM
There is a man by the name of James Randi. His is a skeptic that investagates psychics. Might I add that he has no firm belifs that psychics are not real. Every claim he finds is tested through double blind testing or other experimentation. None of the claims have proved that they work. I am not sure if he tested John Edward yet, but I mean, why would they ask you to give you personal information to them?? They also don't allow any recording device. If he was a psychic, why would they ban them? I decided to do one of my own experiments. What I did was I recorded and episode of John Edward. After every question he asked, I wrote the question down and gave the audiences response. Only 19 out of the 54 questions he asked were correct. The technique John Edward uses is to talk really fast, which distracts the audience, who is unable to count his questions.
Posted by Amanda  on  Thu Sep 30, 2010  at  05:47 PM
And to Scott6113, naming a dog after a food is quite common in America. And besides, WHAT THE FUCK DOES A DOG NAMED POPSICLE HAVE TO DO WITH A DEAD PERSON!?! John Edward is nothing but at hoax, and there is far more important data supporting this fact. Believe what you want to believe, but if I were you, I would keep my $175 instead of spending it on an hour of your life wasted at a John Edward show.
Posted by Amanda  on  Tue Oct 05, 2010  at  05:03 PM
Why so angry?
Popsicle isn't mentioned among the top 100 names for dogs:
Only one of the hundred is a food: Honey.
No, naming a dog after a food is not common. The reason Jon Edwards comes up with these small, unusual details is for the skeptics. If I tell you your mother died of cancer, that's common. If I tell you her favorite composer was John Cage, or that she hated chocolate, that's unique. With enough guesses, he could get a lot right, but since he gets at least a third right, and about things that are guessable about 1% of the time, it has to make an honest skeptic wonder.
This isn't about money. It is about whether consciousness survives the body, and whether they can communicate to a living mind. It's an interesting question, and just spouting "nothing but a hoax" unsupported opinion isn't helpful, neither is swearing.
Posted by Scott Davis  on  Wed Oct 06, 2010  at  01:32 AM
Fellow humans,
Cut off John Edwards fortune BY NOT ATTENDING HIS SHOWS until he can indisputably proof himself not to be a fake. Whether John Edward is bull shitting or not or how he
Posted by Johann  on  Tue Oct 19, 2010  at  05:44 AM
Already been done:

Just get it on interlibrary loan and quibble with the experimental design. They seemed to have tried their best.
Posted by Scott Davis  on  Tue Oct 19, 2010  at  06:15 AM
Haha what a fake! Seriously people, There may be SOME people out there who can do this, which I highly doubt, but I'm just saying this to make you happy, but John Edwards is fake. Nuff Said.
Posted by Owen  on  Fri Nov 19, 2010  at  11:31 AM
Does it really matter if John Edwards is a fake or a real psychic? Probably not. Everyone should just believe what they want, even when it comes to this John Edwards guy. There are worse things going on than people getting conned by a fake psychic. Just saying.
Posted by Z  on  Sat Nov 20, 2010  at  04:36 PM
To me as a curious person It does matters whether a public figure, who has influence over millions, is a fake or not. Life or death matters and the truth about it is serious stuff, not to be joked about or lightly laughed off. Everybody will die, yet
Posted by Johann  on  Wed Dec 08, 2010  at  02:26 AM
i think john edwards is a sincere as doris stokes he is i believe gifted and he uses his gift to help others understand and also find peace when a loved one has passed he shows the personality and humour of those who have passed, i have never seen john edwards live but i do hope to at some point some people are very rude and ignorant and are afraid of what is out of the norm or what they dont understand that to a certain extent is forgiveable but to be darn right rude and ignorant is unforgivable shame on you and i hope you dont see or hear anything when your on your own that u cant explain. keep doing what your doing john edward and respect to you in every way ...... mary kelly
Posted by mary kelly  on  Sat Dec 11, 2010  at  01:07 PM
Dan is a prime example of astroturfing. Really lame excuse for why you bought tickets. It's pretty obvious you made the whole fucking thing up.
Posted by Zel  on  Wed Dec 15, 2010  at  05:57 PM
yes i say he is a total fake because he just says any random small part of a name and someone yells out he or her name out then he says any random thing how this person died and the audience who john is speaking to might say thats not what happened and he leaves that person and goes to another person, john Edward just wants other peoples money and wants to be famous by being a really good scicik.
Posted by boby  on  Fri Dec 31, 2010  at  09:30 PM
Like I said before, in my opinion he is a non-denominational televangalist who cold-reads and thus takes advantage of those who WANT ot hear something that isn't there to hear. I'm not saying that all paranormal phenomena are phony, but John Edward I believe IS PHONY.

P.S. - It seems as if a lot of people here have some anger issues. We're talking about John Edward, is there really any reason to curse and threaten people???
Posted by Steve  on  Thu Aug 04, 2011  at  06:50 AM
If John Edward were a genuine medium, he would not need to ask questions. The info would be given to him in a straightforward manner by the "spirit" he was talking to (no need for charade-type guessing games).

I've never been to a medium, but if I ever were to encounter one, if they started the million questions routine I'd just say "You're the medium. YOU tell ME whatever info my loved one wants to pass on, thank you.
Posted by Lhayes67  on  Sun Mar 25, 2012  at  03:02 PM
Rather than arguing about it, it would be very easy for anyone to prove or disprove of what he's talking about. First as he starts to ramble (cold read as many of you refer to it) it only takes one person to start falsifying information. If he says "I am sensing a letter K" then a person who has no connection to K can jump up and blurt out "oh yes my brother Kyle who passed away recently" (of course this will be a completely false statement). If he starts to relate to this lie right away stating "oh yes kyle is very clear to me now and your brother wants to tell you that he really loved you, etc etc." immediately it can be proven and observed that he is just cold reading versus telling the truth. However, if a person blurts out this false statement and he gets confused and can't relate than maybe this requires some further investigation. All it takes folks is a few people who set up an experiment with him, document what happens factually and do a documentary and he is exposed or confirmed to be accurate.
Posted by Marcin  on  Fri May 04, 2012  at  10:03 AM
Clearly none of you actually watch this programme because the things he says you can't possible know. Wether he's fake or not we don't know but the point is people choose to go to his readings therefore they choose to put themselves in that position of maybe being lied to so we shouldn't have anything bad to say because none of us know. If you don't like it don't watch it, simple.
Posted by jody  on  Tue Jun 26, 2012  at  01:12 AM
I work at a theatre where he has preformed before. He buys 20 random seats throughout the audience and has his actors stationed in them. He does very basic readings and its often the audience preceiving everything. They want it to be real to they believe that much more. And just in case john's reading is completely wrong about why he is "seeing" the actor is always near by to save his butt.
Posted by Pierce  on  Wed Sep 26, 2012  at  02:25 PM
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