Is it really a prank?

Seniors at Westlake High School in Texas are being praised. For their senior prank, they chose to build a garden in a traffic island. Hmm. I think it's a nice gesture, but is it really a prank? At my High School I think the senior class all chipped in to donate a bench, but we never called it a prank. However, if the Westlake seniors surreptitiously planted seeds in their garden that will sprout a year from now, spelling a rude message, then I'll be impressed. []


Posted on Wed Apr 15, 2009


I could have gone there..........
Posted by Obsidian  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  09:14 AM
That's not very good. A tiny traffic island with a rock garden? How is that a prank?

Now if they landscaped a large roundabout and installed a massive fountain I'd be impressed...
Posted by Renquist  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  11:48 AM
Well, I suppose it's sort of a prank, in that they snuck out at night and changed around the traffic island and left it for unsuspecting people to find. Good pranks, though, have an element of humour or the absurd about them, and I'm not seeing much of that in this instance.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  03:30 PM
My older brother, a noted physician and PHD etc, has told me that in med school one of the pranks they did was to duct tape a (totally drunk at the time) classmate to a chair and leave him in the middle of a traffic island on a busy street near their university.
Posted by Canadarm  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  09:42 PM
This feeds into my newest obsessive thought about how there's no real rebels in society today.

These kids' idea of a "prank" is to build a GARDEN?? What the hell happened to youthful rebellion?

You have the whole rest of your lives to conform, children. Grow a pair and subvert a rule or two while you still can.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Apr 16, 2009  at  02:18 AM
I go to westlake high school and was a part of it. The reason whey we did it was because the administration was cracking down really hard on pranks threatening to take away finals exemptions and other perks so we wanted to do a prank there was no way they could get mad and punish us. so its ironic.
Posted by laxdude  on  Mon Apr 20, 2009  at  03:07 PM
Hey, I saw this on the news... It wasn't the SENIOR prank, it was the BAND NERD prank! LOL.

Posted by WTF!  on  Tue Apr 28, 2009  at  06:56 AM
A hundred years ago when I was in HS the two pranks that come to mind were driving
a Bovine Steer up five flights of stairs and leaving him in the massive Study Hall overnight.
These creatures do not mind going up stairs but are very reluctant to go back down. As I recall
it took the better part of the day to coax the animal down and out.
The other was when a popular teacher aquired a small Renault Auto. The Shop class boys took it apart and reassembled it in a tall Oak tree in the parking lot.The Instructor reported it stolen before he looked up and discovered it.
It took the teacher and friends two days to get it back down. He said afterwards that once reassembled it ran better than ever.
A Garden in a street way "Pranky" enough.
Posted by RLH  on  Tue Apr 28, 2009  at  10:53 AM
The prank is, they made a traffic island garden but they only planted weed in it. Or at least that should be the prank.
Posted by Hollis  on  Fri Aug 21, 2009  at  09:37 PM
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