In Memory of Father Noise

Status: Believed to be a hoax
Here's an interesting news report from Ireland:
It has emerged that a joke bronze plaque found on Dublin's O'Connell Bridge has been there for three years. The plaque claims to mark the spot where a Father Pat Noise drowned when his carriage plunged into the Liffey, in suspicious circumstances, in 1919. But Dublin City Council says the priest is a fictitious figure, and wants the mystery sculptor to come forward. The plaque is arousing great public interest, and flowers and candles have been left on the bridge in memory of "Father Noise".

The Irish Sunday Tribune (no link) has a few more details:
The plaque, which even contains a picture alleging to be that of the mysterious religious figure, claims to mark the spot on which Fr Noise died "under suspicious circumstances when his carriage plunged into the Liffey on August 10th, 1919." The plaque states that Fr Noise was an "adviser to Peader Clancey."
After being informed by the Sunday Tribune of the plaque's existence, council officials inspected it on Friday afternoon and hope to identify when and how it was placed into a hole on top of the wall on the bridge. The plaque is located on the Ha'penny Bridge side of O'Connell Bridge, near to the traffic lights on Bachelor's Walk.
The plaque claims to have been erected by an organisation called "the HSTI", although the heritage department of the city council said it had never heard of a group by this name.
"Council officials had a look at the plaque (on Friday) but they said they had never seen it before," said a spokeswoman. "It is certainly very unusual for this to happen."
The council said that it was possible the plaque was erected legitimately a number of years ago, although this would seem most unlikely given that nobody seems to have noticed it until last week.
The rough manner in which the plaque is inserted into the wall would also suggest that it was placed only recently. Although it appears expertly made, it is too small for the hole, which has several rough edges.
Council officials will now attempt to pinpoint the age of the plaque and the historical significance of 'Fr Pat Noise' before making a decision on whether or not to remove the memorial.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any pictures of this plaque.

[Update:] Here's a picture of the plaque, though it doesn't let you see it very well.

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Posted on Tue May 09, 2006


This reminds me of a website of a guy who plays a number of pranks, including the creation of a false plaque:

He had always been intrudged by the occasional set of four bolts sticking out of concrete, and decided to mount the plaque on one. I wonder if the guy in ireland had a similar thought.
Posted by ed  on  Wed May 10, 2006  at  08:57 AM
Uh, yeah, that's a plaque.
Or a doormat.
Or a Hershey Bar.
From the picture, I can't tell which.

If anybody finds out what the plaque looks like or what's written on it, let me know.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Thu May 11, 2006  at  04:42 PM
There are decent photos here -
Posted by Chris  on  Fri May 12, 2006  at  09:08 AM
The city council are removing the plaque cos it was put up without permission, seems a pity because tour guides are even showing it to visitors. Aparently (according to Today FM's Ray Darcy) the face on the plaque is that of the father of the pranksters. And then Pat Noise is a corruption of Pater Noster (our Father).
Posted by IrishGirl26  on  Fri May 12, 2006  at  09:31 AM
Good picture here
Posted by Shane T  on  Fri May 12, 2006  at  11:31 AM
Howya - I've posted my photographs of the plaque here:
Posted by Dave Walsh  on  Thu May 18, 2006  at  04:55 AM
The council will appear terrible killjoys if the plaque is removed. If nothing else it bears testament to the enduring Irish love of exaggeration, elaboration, and half-truth.
Posted by f  on  Fri May 19, 2006  at  05:02 PM
Just for those who may be interested, the plaque is still untouched by the council, almost one and a half years on!
Posted by Gabriel  on  Thu Feb 15, 2007  at  06:34 PM
July 27th and the plaque is still there.. RIP Fr.Noise
Posted by David  on  Mon Jul 27, 2009  at  06:51 AM
Was there last month! It is a tourist highlight and is still there! Love it!
Posted by David  on  Wed Dec 16, 2009  at  05:26 PM
It's 2010 now, and it was never removed. You can check it out on Wikipedia.
Posted by Aoife  on  Tue Jun 01, 2010  at  10:38 AM
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