Hippo Eats Dwarf

image I came across this peculiar news story about a hippo eating a dwarf. It's been floating around the internet for a while, though I'm not sure exactly how long. Google 'hippo eats dwarf' and you'll pull up a bunch of pages. There's even a band named Hippo Eats Dwarf. The article has been circulating as an image file of a scanned article (click the thumbnail), but here's the text of it:

A hippopotamus has swallowed a dwarf in a circus accident in northern Thailand. "A dwarf, nicknamed Od, died when he bounced sideways from a trampoline and was swallowed by a yawning hippopotamus, which was waiting to appear in the next act," the Pattaya Mail reported. "Vets on the scene said Hilda the Hippo had a gag reflex which automatically caused her to swallow." The vets said it was the first time the hefty vegetarian had ever eaten a circus performer. "Unfortunately, the 1000 plus spectators continued to applaud wildly until common sense dictated there had been a tragic mistake. Police said the trampoline has been sent for forensic analysis."

The one true detail in the story is that the Pattaya Mail did indeed report this. However, everything else seems far too outlandish to possibly be true. Though, who knows. Weird things can happen.

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Posted on Wed Feb 23, 2005


several hears ago at the detroit zoo a kid threw a tennis ball onto the mouth of a hippo and the thing lodged in the hippos throat and it choked to death. so unless that dwarf was smaller in diamiter than a tennis ball the story is very funny but nothing more.
Posted by mark  on  Mon Jul 07, 2008  at  02:08 PM
Oh so true, this IS the museum of hoaxes.
Posted by Yes_man  on  Tue Mar 03, 2009  at  10:49 PM
How silly! Hippos are vegetarians.
Posted by Brian  on  Tue Jul 28, 2009  at  09:02 AM

OMG the poor little thing!..

I hope he goes to heaven!..

Such innocence!..

Awful way to die!..

He's happier in heaven..

Jumping all around there..

Praying for his sweet little soul!
Posted by Patty Ross  on  Thu Sep 10, 2009  at  09:57 AM
I knew a fat Thai bitch when I was in Nam that we called Chi Hippo she swallowed many a midget. Ofcourse she swallowed many a GI and a lot of seamen on leave
Posted by Trashy  on  Wed Sep 30, 2009  at  06:14 PM
i believe it happend beacause i have swallowed a midget also and its real easy because they are so small!!
Posted by Dalton Shawn  on  Fri Oct 02, 2009  at  11:24 AM
This story brightened our day and we are in an anti-dwarf league and we advocate the destrustion of ALL dwarfs. If this story was true, I really want to meet Hilda the Hippo
Posted by Emily Gries  on  Tue Nov 24, 2009  at  06:49 AM
OMG that was probably the greatest thing and the most terrible thing that i've probably ever heard my whole family has laughed so hard about it, it was the greatest DAT DWARF GOT PWNED. :lol:
Posted by matthew weems  on  Mon Jan 25, 2010  at  08:12 PM
Many of you are retards. Homer...Alligators in Africa? Grow a pair...
Posted by Rob  on  Mon Oct 04, 2010  at  05:42 AM
Now com on.. this is going too far. A dwarf going to heaven. You think there is a heaven..HEAVEN
for the love of Dawkins...
Posted by IBOS martin  on  Sat Jul 02, 2011  at  02:49 AM
Told you its true Ricky!!
Posted by Karl Pilkington  on  Sun May 13, 2012  at  04:45 AM
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