Harry Potter Hoax

Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé. Could this be the title of the next book in the Harry Potter series? It sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but over at Mugglenet, a site for Harry Potter fans, someone calling themselves HPstorge claims to have found a way into a secret area of J.K. Rowling's site where this new title was supposedly revealed. The new title is apparently going to be officially announced on July 1 (we'll just have to wait and see what happens). HPstorge placed screen shots of his/her discovery on a geocities site , but the site promptly exceeded its bandwidth limit, so the shots are no longer viewable. The claim is being treated with skepticism over at Mugglenet, but anything to do with Harry Potter is such a big deal that the BBC is even reporting about this possible find. (via Ozymandias in the Hoax Forum)

Update (June 28, 2004): A spokesman for JK Rowling has confirmed that this book title is definitely a hoax.


Posted on Sun Jun 27, 2004


This is probably a fake, for many reasons shown at http://www.mugglenet.com. Scroll down a bit to see them.
Posted by Ozymandias  on  Sun Jun 27, 2004  at  05:56 PM
The Geocities site is back up again. Screen shot is a "door leading to a room"
Posted by JimmyinNZ  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  04:17 AM
yeah the new title is harry potter and the half blood prince or something like that.
Posted by Hollow Man  on  Tue Jun 29, 2004  at  10:41 AM
There is a secret area on JK's website which tells you the title of the new book, but it's not "The Pillar Of Storg̩", it's "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince", like Hollow Man said. This has been confirmed by her agent. Not sure how you get to the secret area though..
Posted by Owen Tuz  on  Sat Jul 03, 2004  at  08:09 AM
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Posted by James Whitehead  on  Wed Apr 06, 2005  at  09:06 AM
Yeah, it's a huge hoax. I am a slight fan, but I can tell, it's lie.
Posted by Pierre B.  on  Tue Apr 18, 2006  at  03:25 AM
Definitely a hoax!
Posted by Personal Number Plate  on  Mon Dec 01, 2008  at  09:10 AM
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