Explicit Scenes On Haribo’s Fruit Chews?

image Do the new graphics on boxes of Haribo's Maoam fruit chews show scenes of explicit sex? The members of St. Blasien Jesuit College think they do, and have publicly complained about them. The boxes depict various fruits frolicking with a blobby lime-colored creature. Are the scenes as bad as the college says? Well, you've got to admit that the College has a point. After all, what is that lemon doing with the lime-blob? Even Haribo admits that the packaging is "very racy." So my guess is that the sexual overtones are deliberate. But on the other hand, we are just talking about fruits and a lime blob. So maybe all of us who think the lemon and lime-blob are getting it on, just have dirty minds. The controversy reminds me of that rogue tin of Huntley & Palmers biscuits, but on a much larger scale.
Update: The story gets even better. Turns out that the faculty of the Jesuit College never complained about the racy candy packaging. The letter of complaint actually was "a hoax perpetrated by pupils at the school who admitted writing it and posting it on the Internet 'as a joke'." The German tabloid press found the letter, thought it was real, and reported it as news. You gotta love the tabloids. Of course, this still doesn't answer the question of just what is that lemon doing with the lime-blob?

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Posted on Tue Aug 31, 2004


Ahahahahah! That's wonderful! I wonder if those candies can be ordered online...?
Posted by mystic kitten  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  04:21 PM
Obviously, everyone at Haribo is going to hell.
And of course every kid eating these sweets will think: "hmmm, that looks like a lemon and a lime fornicating", "hmmm, those cherries look like balls being licked". Those kids are doomed!

I think it's just great tongue in cheek.
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  05:27 PM
You know something....Alex just remove this if you think I go to far.
But this is just the thing where I think: After this blows over the members of the St. Blasien Jesuit College can all go back to their childporn collecting.

It's gonna go but I mean it.
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  05:33 PM
Paul, it did actually occur to me also that it was odd that a German Catholic college, of all places, would be the one raising an issue like this... at this particular time, given what's going on with that Catholic church in Austria.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  06:11 PM
Okay...usually these things are removed, so I don't need to answer. So you caught me out on a limb here!

But you know: even my boss tells me about his priest putting his hand down boys pants when he was an altarboy. All those sex scandals..in the States too.....Who are they to critize a few tongue in cheek drawings which will be understood only by adults anyway!

I'm going to have to stop, because the next thing is about religion fuelling a lot of wars...technically thats dwelling from the subject.
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  06:56 PM
How many kids would leave the sweet in the wrapper long enough to notice?
Posted by AW  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  07:33 PM
Now, that's a far cry from my religion sparking wars.....but you do have a point :coolsmile:
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Aug 31, 2004  at  07:50 PM
"The lemon, which from the drawing looks female, is obviously enjoying it with the greatest of pleasure."

Makes me wonder what sort of woman they usually sees... because I've yet to se a woman looking like a lemon.
Posted by 'wegian warrior  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  07:38 AM
These two Cherries don't look like girls, do they?
It ia a gay party, I guess.
Posted by Alien  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  09:40 AM
And then the Lime-Blob squeezed the Lemon 'til the juice ran down his leg...:>)
Posted by steve  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  01:07 PM
Admittedly, these drawings seem pretty racy. But if those are the first thoughts that come to some priests' heads when looking at a bag of candy, those priests must be some crazy, messed-up, horny dudes!
Posted by josh  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  03:15 PM
how would you pronounce that? May-oh-ay-um? mowm? May-Om???
Posted by john  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  04:09 PM
I have been trying to do searches for "St Blasien Jesuit College". Search site return no matches. Where is this college?
Posted by Jim13  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  04:21 PM
Jim, I think this is the college:

Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Sep 01, 2004  at  05:02 PM

It is the wrong site, the college is near to BONN and on the page it says BASEL.

Kolleg St. Blasien e.V.
Posted by Hub  on  Thu Sep 02, 2004  at  05:08 AM
it's just a joke of the pupils of St.Blasien (which is in the Black Forest). I don't think the catholic church cares much about any pictures of maoam
Posted by gispel  on  Thu Sep 02, 2004  at  05:54 AM
That lemon has stubble.
Posted by AW  on  Thu Sep 02, 2004  at  06:51 AM
I don't think it has anything to do with the priests or wheter they're horny or not, anyone can tell that those fruits are having sex. Ask a 10 year old, librarian, nurse, police officer, Stevie Wonder, engineer, they'll all tell you it's obviously an organic orgy, Josh.
Posted by john  on  Fri Sep 03, 2004  at  11:23 AM
I agree that this fruit candy label is scandalous. Thousands of young people raised on these MAOAM palindromic gumdrops might grow up thinking that fruits actually reproduce in this manner and remain completely ignorant of the facts of pollenation. Come on, Maoam, do the socially responsible thing and either change the figures on the wrapper to anatomically-accurate humans, or show a drawing of bees and flowers getting it on.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Sat Sep 04, 2004  at  07:03 PM
Hopefully those aformentioned young people are reading these posts to set themselves straight.
What have we learned here? That is obviously a depiction of alien 'bacteria' engaged in little fun fornication with the variety of tempting fruits grown here on earth. I think the aliens left it here as a little gag when they were last attempting to steal our sun.
Posted by Electra  on  Sat Jan 08, 2005  at  11:39 PM
Just to answer a question I saw above:

MAOAM is pronounced: Ma (like mum without the 2nd m)- oh - um (like mum without the first m)

And an other funny fact is that St. Blasius might be an existing place and name...but having in mind that "blasen" ist the german word for blowing (would make the name St Blowious in english)...i guess I'm not the only one who thinks it's funny that the hoax letter about "explicit drawings" came from a place that makes one think of a blowjob *g*
Posted by German Guy  on  Sat May 21, 2005  at  11:32 AM
haha! me and my friends point that out all the time. i swear, that little green blolb is such a whore. sleeping with all that fruit! the cherry one is the worst, though. can you still buy lemon maoam ?
maoam sure is tasty though.
Posted by hattie  on  Thu Jun 28, 2007  at  05:37 PM
"Thousands of young people raised on these MAOAM palindromic gumdrops might grow up thinking that fruits actually reproduce in this manner and remain completely ignorant of the facts of pollenation."

I seriously hope that was sarcasm.
Posted by hattie  on  Thu Jun 28, 2007  at  05:39 PM
Posted by anonymous  on  Thu Nov 01, 2007  at  10:45 AM
This one is real

Posted by Miss Cakehead  on  Wed Aug 26, 2009  at  02:06 PM
The Daily Mail has decided to write the above letter up as a story:


Clearly they did as much research on this as they do for their other laughable excuses for 'news'.
Posted by Richard Littlejohn (expat)  on  Thu Aug 27, 2009  at  01:37 PM
Hi! I'm student at Kolleg St Blasien since 2004 an I graduate in 2012. Firstly, there could be a misunderstanding cause of the "Kolleg". Kolleg St. Blasien is not a college, it's more like a high school. Second "Blasien" has nothing to do with the translation of "blowing"..... =) That's just a contingency.
Third, the school was found by catholic friars. It's a private catholic, international school, students belonging every religion can go to.
They're have to sit in evangelical or catholic religious education lessons, and when they are in boarding school (students which are living next to can go home after lessons), they have to go to church (a cathedral, it's part of the building) every sunday morning, doesn't matter, they believe in god, or not. Now, a ordinary principal leads the school, exactly like every other in germany, the monastery is a separate part. Unfortunately 30 years ago some fathers of the Jesuit Order have sexually abused boys(throughout Germany). Most of them are prisoned, one has submerged in the USA. Now, abusing students is almost impossible..I think pupils are save.
The Students had a cool humor, they wasn't serious with sending the letter to Haribo and don't even wanted to make it public.
Posted by kollegstblasienstudent  on  Sat Nov 27, 2010  at  10:02 AM
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