Great Hoaxes Trading Cards

Topps has announced it plans to release a set of cards featuring the "world's biggest hoaxes, hoodwinks, & bamboozles." The entire set, according to, will consist of:
  • Charles Ponzi
  • Bernie Madoff
  • The Runaway Bride
  • Idaho
  • The Turk
  • Enron
  • Anna Anderson
  • Ferdinand Waldo Demara
  • San Serriffe
  • D.B. Cooper
  • Spaghetti Trees
  • Victor Lustig
  • The War of the Worlds
  • George Parker
  • The Bathtub Hoax
  • The Cottingley Fairies
  • James Reavis
  • The Piltdown Man
  • The Cardiff Giant
  • Cold Fusion
Looks good, though I'm not sure why they include Idaho. Probably because of the rumor that Idaho got its name from a hoax. Or maybe they're referring to the theory that Idaho does not exist.

And D.B. Cooper? Is hijacking a plane and parachuting out really a hoax? And I think Cold Fusion was bad science, but it wasn't a deliberate hoax.

Anyway, Topps will also have a set featuring "creatures of legend, myth & terror."

What I'm not sure of is how one goes about buying these sets. I suspect you can't buy them as a stand-alone pack, but rather you'll have to buy the $3 packs of trading cards and hope a) you get a hoax card, and b) that you can eventually build up the entire set. I'll probably be one of the few people throwing out the baseball cards to get the hoax cards.


Posted on Mon Mar 30, 2009


DNA relic cards??? Topps has a supply of hair from Geronimo, Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, etc., to put into trading cards??
Posted by Canadarm  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  03:30 PM
I have a hair from (ouch!) Alexander the Great, and here's one from (ouch!) Buddha....
Posted by Canadarm  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  05:49 PM
Maybe the cards are a hoax, to get a new group of people frantically buying card collections looking for those special ones.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  07:01 PM
Holy crap... Idaho does NOT exist!!
Posted by Gulliver  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  07:23 PM
I think the D. Cooper thing is more like a Hoodwink...

It was actually never confirmed that there was a middle initial B. There was a SUSPECT that had a middle initial B...and it got added by the media.

I think it's in b/c they never found him or the money...but there were some things found later (a head and some cash) that might be linked, but cannot be confirmed to be from the Cooper incident.

There was a woman in Florida who thought she might have been married to D. Cooper after finding some information he had left in the attic. It was discovered after his death & he is the best suspect police had...
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  09:18 PM
If Idaho doesn't exist maybe I'm actually living in a state of Denial!
Posted by Tah  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  10:19 PM
Nothing by Joey Skaggs, nothing by my friend Alan Abel? Boo! BIG fail.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  02:40 AM
Not even anything by you, CMG! What's wrong with these people?!?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  04:09 AM
Btw, there is a theory around thet the whole of America doesn't exist. It's based on a short story by Swiss author Peter Bichsel. Later on the popular Swiss band Z
Posted by nasobem  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  07:20 AM
they forgot the WMD thing... I haven't, nor should you. Ever
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  08:46 AM
War of the Worlds???

And no mention of the 2000 presidential election?
Posted by Bill Rock  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  11:37 AM
"Not even anything by you, CMG! What's wrong with these people?!?"

Am I worthy of inclusion?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Apr 01, 2009  at  02:23 AM
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