Great-Grandmother Gives Birth

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image Thanks to Big Gary for directing my attention to Janise Wulf, the 62-year-old great-grandmother who just gave birth to her 12th child. Gary wasn't totally sure that the story was real, but I'm pretty sure it is. After all, on my page about birth hoaxes I note a true story of a 63-year-old woman who gave birth back in 1997. And the Guardian reports that the oldest woman ever to give birth was Adriana Iliescu, who did so at the age of 66 last year. I know a lot of kids are raised by their grandparents, but it would still be weird to be a teenager and have an 80-year-old mom.


Posted on Thu Feb 23, 2006


WOW! talk about weird. oh and btw 1st post!!!
Posted by Zach  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  06:05 AM
I saw her on the news the other night. Sorry, there is just a time that you stop.

Your kids who are 30 years old & HAVE kids older than their siblings are probably NOT enjoying this.

I went through this when my daughter was born. I asked my dad to PLEASE not have anymore kids. I have nieces & nephews ranging in age from 12-2. My youngest brother is CURRENTLY 5 1/2. It's very confusing to explain to a 7 year old why Papa's new baby is his UNCLE.
Posted by Maegan  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  06:32 AM
An Uncle is the same as a first cousin, once removed, just as you are your daughter's zeroth cousin once removed. Explain that to her, and everything will be cool in her world again.
Posted by Travis Finucane  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  11:36 AM
Uh, Travis, if you were thinking of going into geneology, you might want to keep your day job.
Posted by Big Gary at the gathering of the clans  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  01:44 PM
If this is a true story then what is it doing here in the Museum of Hoaxes?

What I find interestng is a hoax that was reported in our local newspaper "The Age" in their brief daily humour "Odd Spot":

"Thursday January 26, 2006
More than 200 British reality-TV hopefuls queued up to conceive a baby with a stranger live on air for a
Posted by AlexOv  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  01:56 PM
Sorry, people about the error there. I should have previewed it. I meant the link to read
Posted by AlexOv  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  01:59 PM
That woman looks like my great-grandmother. Soooo nasty.
Posted by Dracul  on  Fri Feb 24, 2006  at  07:50 PM
Hope she doesn't breast feed.
Posted by Craig  on  Sat Feb 25, 2006  at  01:02 PM
Well, first off, no one mentions where the EGG came from.....I'm sure it was HIS sperm but I can most likely assure you it wasn't her egg. At 62, she is through with menopause and hasn't produced an egg in years, so biologically, it ain't hers. Then, she had it done IN-VITRO - not the "man loves a woman way" so, having said that, all she was, is a depository for a baby to grow in. She didn't provide ANY genetic structure, and she had a in-vitro, along with a C-Section. Don't see any "giving of birth" here. So whats the big deal? Completely selfish I would say. She has 20 grandchildren? Why does she want to have a baby to raise? YOU HAVE 20 GRANDCHILDREN!!! Help raise them!!! Not to mention she's diabetic.....diabetic, blind, have 10 kids and 20 grand-kids....and now you have TWO small ones to care for. ....looks like hubby is going to be doing that....I'm sorry but this is just the most selfish, self-centered act I have seen in years, by her and all the other women her age carrying babies around in their wombs at the age of 60+......are you NUTS?
Posted by katherine  on  Mon Feb 27, 2006  at  12:49 PM
You cannot be sure that it wasn't her egg. Barring the possibility that she had some of her eggs frozen earlier and then fertilized and injected in-vitro, menopause does not happen at an arbitrary age. There are always freaks of nature. A human female is born with all the eggs she will ever have, and then menstruates them away, one a month, until she runs out, right? She might have just been one of those rare women that have more eggs than the average. An even more likely possibility: many birth control methods, particularly the Pill, work by preventing ovulation. If she had been on the pill for twenty years (which is possible), then she would have effectively put off menopause for twenty years, and then started losing eggs normally once she stopped taking it. Follow me? If a woman goes on the pill at 25 and stays on until she's 45, then instead of going through menopause at 50, all things being equal, she will go through menopause at 70. (As an example.)

Please do not make assumptions like that; baseless assumptions are the eggs from which hoaxes and urban legends hatch. 😊

Whatever the case, a very unflattering picture. Granny looks absolutely crazed. I don't care how many babies the oldsters have, just keep them from driving!
Posted by Barghest  on  Thu Mar 02, 2006  at  12:34 AM
I'm more surprised that she's a great grandmother at 62.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Thu Mar 02, 2006  at  10:24 AM
Will you people please quit this learned discussion!? this story is NOT a hoax. This website, as far as I know and correct me if I am wrong, is about hoaxes.
I gave you all a link (above) about a really good hoax that I couldn't find on this site but it really should be here. Why don't you use some of the abundant energy that you've been using to discuss a non-hoax and instead research a real hoax for the benefit of the site. I am sure the webmasters would love you for doing so. I would do it myself but I am too busy (reading comments about a non-hoax on a hoax website!) Just kidding, put away that axe, please!??
Posted by AlexOv  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  03:36 AM
AlexOv - people are perfectly within their rights to discuss this if they wish.

If you think that the link you mentioned above is appropriate for the MoH, either post it in the forums, or contact Alex (the webmaster) with it.

This thread is not the place.

Thank you.
Boo - Moderator.
Posted by Boo  on  Fri Mar 03, 2006  at  05:33 AM
Isn't arbitrary random - so menopause is arbitrary? Not all women start at the same age...

Anywho. It's still gross & weird...and probably will be a burden on the rest of the family. I'm my sister's legal guardian if my parents die before she turns 18...(which is just 8 months away), mom is also just 52. It's unlikely my mother would have died of any natural causes...and sure, she could be hit by a bus or something...but the odds are in our favor that she'll finish raising my sister. This woman is only about 15 years from the expectancy.
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Mar 05, 2006  at  11:52 AM
Well, to the person who said they couldn't believe she was a great grandmother at 62, my mom is 59 and has 2 great grandkids.

At the same time, I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams that she'd have any more kids!!!

She was done 30 years ago after 4 daughters! And that's it should be!
Posted by Ain't gonna say....  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  03:40 PM
That is soooo wrong if you excuse me saying so:-O,first of all,it
Posted by nitedrive  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  05:21 AM
Well done. Should also provide indepth information relating to menopause.
Posted by prince  on  Mon Aug 14, 2006  at  01:03 AM
that's amazing..i really wonder how they do like having a child even at their older age....well,for me its not so rediculous having a well-experienced mom at the age of 60s or 70s anayway,it's a blessing instead.
Posted by amazing  on  Thu Nov 15, 2007  at  11:44 PM
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