Grandfather’s Ghost on eBay

Yet another ghost is up for sale on eBay. This one has received huge amounts of media attention (stories about it on CNN, MSNBC, etc.) thanks to a sob story that goes along with it. Last year this woman's father died. Now her eight-year-old son Collin thinks that the ghost of his grandfather is still living in the house. So the highest bidder will get the ghost of the grandfather (plus the grandfather's walking stick). The one condition is that the winning bidder has to write a letter to Collin assuring him that the ghost has relocated. I have just a few things to say about this. First of all, the really scary thing about this auction is the amazingly huge font that the woman feels compelled to write in. What's up with that? (oops, wrong auction). Second, the woman says that her father was a nice guy, but Collin thinks the grandfather's ghost is evil. In situations like this, the kid always knows best. Therefore, the ghost is evil. And finally, will an evil ghost that isn't trapped in some kind of physical container (a jar, coke can, toaster, etc.) willingly move houses? Unlikely. So all you're really getting is the walking stick. And the woman doesn't even provide a picture of that.

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Posted on Sun Dec 05, 2004


On their listing they claim they are accepting donations through paypal. Donations for what??
Posted by Razela  on  Sun Dec 05, 2004  at  05:33 PM
Maybe for the care and feeding of the ghost.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sun Dec 05, 2004  at  06:30 PM
i was wondering the same thing Razela.
i didn't see her on cnn, maybe the family is impoverished?
Posted by coffee  on  Sun Dec 05, 2004  at  07:02 PM
At the very least the woman (I assume it's a woman) is uneducated. She has horrible grammar, and the look of the typing is that of a teenager. What won't people try to get money?
Posted by Cathy  on  Sun Dec 05, 2004  at  10:27 PM
Was also wondering about the donations.
Always like to look back at the previous auctions on these people. Apparantly have been unloading a lot of "emo-style" clothing and "vintage" items; plus she seems to own an Exporer from the early 90s with a lot of problems.
Posted by Ozymandios  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  03:00 AM
You've fallen for a hoax on a hoax. The real auction is at - the auction you cite is one of many copycat auctions that popped up to capitalize on media publicity. Evidence: the seller claims that "a very nice member on the ebay community helped me to add 24 more hours" to her auction. The seller is trying to explain the discrepancy between news reports of when the real auction is to end, and when her copycat auction is scheduled to end. An experienced ebay user knows that this is impossible; once bidding starts, the clock cannot be changed. More obviously, the real auction started November 29, this copycat started December 5.
Posted by bobo  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  07:37 AM should link, if it says "invalid item" then copy/paste the URL.
Posted by bobo  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  07:40 AM
I changed the link to the correct auction. I had gone to the auction that someone had listed in the hoax forum, without even bothering to check it. Should have known it looked too weird to be real.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  10:14 AM
What makes her think she can get rid of a malevolent spirit so easily?
If I were her father's ghost, and she tried to sell me, I'd be mad as hell. As any old-timer can tell you, making ancestral spirits angry is a big mistake.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  06:02 PM
E-Bay now claims somebody bid $65,100 for the ghost and walking stick. If you'll believe that, I've got some real estate you might be interested in buying.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  06:05 PM
First, I think she's only doing it to placate her son. Children ARE very perceptive to the 'other world', but they are also succeptible to suggestion. There are so many variables here, that what it seems to come down to, to me, is that she's trying to placate her son so he won't be afraid, but convincing him they can 'sell grampa's evil ghost' on e-bay. She 'knows' there's nothing there, but is trying to calm the boy's fears. But that someone would bid *that much* to help quell that fear? Someone is not all there.
Posted by catlady  on  Wed Dec 15, 2004  at  12:47 AM
I know that some people are skeptical. I know that some people take advantage of others. It ruins it for those who are telling the truth. I know the Bible says there are no ghosts, but if so many people seeing what they've seen on our property for so long, it is just "unexplainable" That's why I say... come to my house... and see for yourself. You're more than welcome.
Posted by Debbie  on  Mon Sep 26, 2005  at  09:10 PM
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