Google Content Blocker

Here's a good idea: Google Content Blocker. It allows you to block all that annoying content, so you only have to see the ads:

Google's mission is to organize the world's advertising for maximum exposure to Web users. Unfortunately, annoying Web content often overwhelms the page, causing many users to become distracted and overlook the ads. That's where Google Content Blocker comes in. It effectively blocks all Web site content, leaving only the advertisements...
After you install Google Content Block, just surf the Web as you normally do. When we find a site that has content, we will block that content so you see only the ads. It all happens automatically, with no effort on your part.

Brought to you by John Walkenback of J-Walk, who has also brought us the Nigerian Email Conference and the WiFi Speed Spray.

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Posted on Thu May 12, 2005


Oh good! I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks for posting it, now I'll never have to tolerant that stupid content again.
Posted by Rita  on  Fri May 13, 2005  at  06:40 AM
Whoops, in my excitement over this, I made a typo. I meant tolerate.
Posted by Rita  on  Fri May 13, 2005  at  06:41 AM
Brilliant! The ultimate destiny of the Internet has now been achieved.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Fri May 13, 2005  at  04:29 PM
By the way, many of the names on the "Nigerian e-mail conference" page are of real people-- African former heads of state, politicians, and so forth.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Fri May 13, 2005  at  04:35 PM
These hoaxers obviously haven't experienced some of the banners and pop-ups I have. They block a site's content just fine by themselves.
Posted by Robert  on  Mon May 16, 2005  at  01:59 AM
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