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image Alan Williams, a professor at Southwestern Adventist University, received a Ph.D. from Glencullen University. For some reason, he didn't think it odd that Glencullen had no campus, no faculty, and required him to do nothing to earn the degree. In reality, Glencullen didn't even exist. Despite its Irish name and Irish-themed website, it's just a diploma mill based in Romania. Williams claims that he's shocked, shocked to learn this. For some reason, I don't know why, it's hard to believe that he's really an innocent victim.
Update: Brian Kelly informed me that my link to the Glencullen University website is incorrect. The site I linked to originally is actually a spoof site created by him that he uses as an example in a talk about spoof sites. So it's a spoof of a spoof, so to speak. Very confusing. So here's Brian Kelly's spoof Glencullen University site, not to be confused with the website of the real Glencullen University, which is a fake university (and the url of which I now don't know).

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Posted on Fri Feb 13, 2004


The link you have to the Glencullen University Web site is actually to a page from a talk about spoof Web sites.

Ironically the Museumofhoaxes Web site is linking to incorrectly resource. Could you please update the link so that my information about the spoof Web site is not confused with the real spoof Web site (if you see what I mean).
Posted by Brian Kelly  on  Fri Feb 20, 2004  at  10:03 AM
So I got it right that it was a fake website, but it was the wrong fake! How bizarre. Well, it's now corrected. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Feb 20, 2004  at  10:55 AM
Here's an email that was sent by him to the students and faculty at swau:

College Family:

I would like to communicate to the school family my unfortunate experience and
ask for you prayer. And to encourage anyone planning to peruse online degree
programs, to do a thorough research on the institution, and it
Posted by angry ex-student  on  Sun Feb 22, 2004  at  02:12 AM
That's not good.. You should always make sure that website is correct.
Posted by a Scholar  on  Mon Aug 11, 2008  at  12:54 AM
I google earthed the address they give on the "official" site and it takes you to a house in Ireland. Obviously this is a fake - anyone can put together an official looking website.
Posted by Tony F  on  Tue Sep 09, 2008  at  08:52 AM
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