Gay serum rumor

Politics are getting ugly in Burnaby, British Columbia. A rumor has been circulating alleging that, if reelected, the party backing the current mayor (pictured) intends to inject children with a "gay serum" that will make them homosexual. The rumor appears to have been inspired by the fact that in 2011 the Burnaby School District adopted a policy to combat homophobia. [Yahoo! News Canada]


Posted on Wed Nov 05, 2014


Wow. Thanks for pointing out this article. I live in Canada but west coast news doesn't get covered much here in the east.

Can't wait for the Onion headline: "Anti-stupidity vaccine wipes out learned bigotry in children, parents outraged."
Posted by terry the censor  on  Wed Nov 05, 2014  at  03:31 PM
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