Gay Fuel Energy Drink

image Gay Fuel is the bright pink energy drink that will get you 'Fired Up'. When I first saw this site I figured it had to be a spoof. After all, a special drink just for gays? It seems like a natural lead-in to all kinds of jokes (for instance, what happens if you drink it straight?). But after some quick research I'm quite sure that Gay Fuel is very real. It's available for purchase from a number of online vendors ($12.95 a six-pack!), and a lot of other sites discuss it. Andy Towle, the artist who designed the can for it, says that it tastes like "something between a Cosmo and a Red Bull." The whole concept of Gay Fuel seems a bit like niche marketing run amok to me, though I guess there are all kinds of products marketed exclusively towards the fundamentalist Christian community, so why not have a drink marketed exclusively towards the gay community? But it seems like not everyone in the gay community is embracing it with open arms. A gay rights activist in Portland has declared that "We are not interested in "brand loyalty" to those "brave" corporations who first bid to divest us of our money. We won't drink a Bud Light, Absolut or Gay Fuel beverage to support the commercial assimilation of our community."

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Posted on Wed Jun 30, 2004


Thank you for your research of our Company Specialty Spirits. Yes we are real. Committed to a Great tasting drink, a community that we are a part of, not from the outside, but the inside and we donate 5% of profits to local AIDS related charity.
David Syner
Specialty Spirits
Posted by David Syner  on  Sat Jul 10, 2004  at  06:22 PM
The real hoaxe is that someone gets to pay over $2 a can for the drink. The can probably costs more than the drink. A bit like the bottled water caper. In an on TV blind test several, TV personalities tested bottled water, and all agreed on the best tasting water: London Tap Water! Available in unlimited quantities from any tap [fawcet].
Posted by Nik  on  Mon Aug 09, 2004  at  09:58 AM
Some cities are known for having very good tap water. New York City used to have the best tap water in the world because it was piped in straight from upstate New York. Here in San Diego politicians boast about how they've saved the city money by finding loopholes to get out of complying with clean water regulations, so our tap water is pretty awful. Personally I'd rather pay slightly higher taxes and have good tap water... but politicians, of course, always want to boast about lowering taxes, even if it's at the cost of public health.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 09, 2004  at  10:07 AM
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