Football Streaker Video

Grainy video of a streaker at a football game was posted online in late March and quickly went viral, with over 2 millions views in less than 2 days. But it turned out to be a stunt by DishLATINO, as revealed on their YouTube channel on April 1. The streaker was actually Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez.

As reported by Yahoo! Finance:

To generate pre-buzz for the launch, the brand [DishLATINO] leaked a grainy version of the Streaker video to targeted influencers and pop culture outlets without revealing whether the footage was shot at a live soccer game or was branded content. The leaked video garnered 2 million views in less than 36 hours—all from fans surmising whether the streaker was real or fake, trying to guess his identity, and even blaming soccer security guards for letting the fan storm the field in his birthday suit. DishLATINO is using additional Twitter influencers, celebrities, soccer players and even a fictional character that posted this iPhone video to drum up buzz leading up to the launch.

Beyond the digital campaign, DishLATINO also created sensationalized, tabloid-like newspaper wraps across key Latino markets: LA, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, scandalously reporting on Derbez's inappropriate behavior and subsequent arrest. The print pieces drive readers to more exclusive content at a fictitious news outlet: (Shocknews), that redirects to the DishLATINO page.

The brand's "big reveal" to fans that Eugenio Derbez is the "Streaker" video star occurred on April Fool's Day, where the video was posted online to DishLATINO's YouTube, live as interactive pre-roll and supported by paid media beginning on April 1.


Posted on Fri Apr 03, 2015


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