Flying Horse in Saudi Arabia

A viral video shows what appears to be a horse flying in the sky over Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In the (very poor quality) footage, we see flashes of lightning illuminate a dark sky, intermittently revealing the flying horse, as we hear a man excitedly speaking in what sounds like Arabic, apparently reciting verses from the Koran.

The origin of the footage is unknown. However, it's path to viral fame began on November 24, 2014 when it was uploaded to Facebook by a Filipino woman named Angel Louise Dela Cruz. She did not claim to have taken the video, nor did she say where she found it. Several days later it was uploaded to YouTube by others, where it was titled "Flying Black Horse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia," or sometimes "Flying Horse Seen in Makkah." It has been viewed over one million times on YouTube.

What exactly is the creature in the sky? One popular theory is that it's the Buraq, a legendary horse that transported the prophet Muhammad. From Wikipedia:

The most commonly told story is how in the 7th century, Al-Buraq carried the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Mi'raj or "Night Journey", which is the title of one of the chapters (sura), Al-Isra, of the Quran.

However, one problem with this theory is that the Buraq has wings, which the creature in the video does not have.

Another theory places the horse within Christian eschatology, arguing that it's the black horse prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The Philippine News explains:

Some Christian believers even quoted from a passage in the Book of Revelation at Chapter 6:5-8 which reads: "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand." According to some Bible scholars, in the Bible's Book of Revelation, the black horse represented famine. The black horse which was seen descending from the sky amidst clouds and thunderstorms was linked by some netizens to the black horse of the "Revelation."

But finally, more skeptical viewers quickly pointed out that the object in the sky is probably just a horse-shaped, helium-filled balloon. Such balloons are apparently sold in a shop in Jeddah. An image (below) that promotes this debunking theory has recently been circulating on Facebook.

Assuming that the balloon theory is correct, the video does not appear to be a deliberate hoax, but rather a case of people interpreting unexplained footage in fanciful ways.

Back in August 1937, there was a deliberate hoax involving a balloon creature, when residents of Nantucket reported sighting a giant sea monster swimming in the ocean. The monster turned out to be an inflatable balloon created for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and was floated offshore as a publicity stunt.


Posted on Fri Dec 05, 2014


this is a real video the legs of horse are moving...if you think that this is a plastic horse then your thinking wrong because a plastic horse moves its legs how it possible?
Posted by mansoor ijaz shah  on  Tue Dec 09, 2014  at  10:12 AM
I, being a Muslim, do not believe in this video. People, who are spreading it, are totally Stupid!
Posted by Faizan Malik  on  Tue Dec 09, 2014  at  10:35 AM
the black horse and the pale horse that were released during riots in Egypt were prophesied from Kenya by Prophet Dr. Edward Owuor who has prophesied many othe events like;
economic crisis and famines
Haiti and Chile quake
you can visit for more information.
Jesus is surely coming
Posted by dominic  on  Fri Dec 12, 2014  at  05:29 AM
If it were a balloon the Lightning would reflect off the balloon showing light which doesn't happen. If it was a helium balloon it would be going upward not straight. Also the legs and head were moving.
Posted by Danica  on  Fri Dec 12, 2014  at  09:47 PM
I don't want to have a debate about the flying horse..But i have to say one thing..REPENT ..THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS COMING...
Posted by AR Vinston  on  Wed Dec 17, 2014  at  09:43 AM
I am a Christian and I do believe the coming of Jesus is very near. However, I do not believe this is the black horse of revelation 6:5 as many of my fellow Christians seem to believe. For the black horse of Rev. 6:5 has a rider with a pair of scales (balance) in his hands, unlike this horse, which has no rider. Also, nowhere in Rev.6 are we lead to believe that the horse is a literally horse, all four horses are symbolic with the black horse representing famine (I don't know how one expects to see famine flying in the air on a rainy night). furthermore we are never told any of the horses of of Rev. 6 will be flying in the air.

As for the horse legs moving about, this horse is being tossed about by wind and rain on a poor quality video, it's likely you will see anything you want to see on such a video. Personally, this horse legs did not appear to be moving to me. I believe what Christians need to be focusing on is to study their bibles more (it is clearly needed) so they know the real signs of the time so they won't be distracted by flying baloons and be prepared and on guard for the return of Christ at all time, not just when weird video pops up n the internet.

God bless 😊
Posted by Judi  on  Fri Jan 02, 2015  at  12:42 PM
Posted by bamba  on  Mon Jan 05, 2015  at  02:18 PM
This is the 3rd seal mentioned in The Bible in Revelations. The black horse is the horse of famine. Conquest (Pestilence) and War are already on Earth and we see it everywhere all the time, especially War! Here comes the 3rd one. And for the record: The prophecy in Revelations says that a Black Horse will be seen, not mentioning whether it will be a live or a dead one, or whether we'll see it running or flying or standing or dying. The basic point of the prophecy is that people will see a black horse which was seen! End times are here people! Believe it or not like it or not, its here and its going to come soon regardless whether we are ready or not. So better to be ready than not. Choose sides quickly and stick by it. Either stay pure and stay by God's side or sin and get a chance to burn with the devil for eternity..
Posted by Clyde Yung D'souza  on  Wed Jan 07, 2015  at  09:34 AM
And are you kidding me about the movement thing? I wan’t to know who says he can’t see the horse move? Its moving all through out the video.. Its clearly running for Christ’s sake!!! I’m sorry I went to a school were they taught me that if I see the same object in two or more different instances and the objects place of rest or shape were different in both its called “MOVEMENT”. The posture of the horses legs are completely different before the start of the first second on 0:00 and on 0:02. That proves movement.
Posted by Clyde Yung D'souza  on  Wed Jan 07, 2015  at  09:54 AM
Where oh where to begin- You can see the string. The legs are not moving. It only has 2 legs. It is identical to known balloons. Only a deity worshiping savage would believe in such a thing in this day and age. You and all your invisible boogie-men are holding back the rest of humanity.
Posted by wes  on  Fri Feb 20, 2015  at  02:11 PM
This video is real i am a muslim i believe this you can try to make people think it is fake.i warn you people embrace islam it will make your lives good if not in the world but on the day of judgment. I am trying to save your future please accept islam
Posted by m.saad  on  Sat Feb 21, 2015  at  08:16 PM
Try to see the terms of islam accept islam.this is a miracle of Allah.Christians,you believe Allah but say he has a son Allah does not have any father,mother,son,daughter.My islamic brothers you should also try to spread islam.there is no jesus kind of thing there is only one god if there were many gods there were would be a conflict and fighting with gods please just try to be a muslim it will reallx be worth it.
Posted by m.saad  on  Sat Feb 21, 2015  at  08:29 PM
I am a flying horse and I find this insulting.
Posted by Fareese  on  Mon Feb 23, 2015  at  02:01 AM
Fareese is right. This is a joke. Religion is wrong, bad, counterproductive, and just foolish. People who teach this garbage to their kids should be whipped. All that aside Brunei looks lovely. Have a great day. Saad, logic will set you free from that silliness.
Posted by wes  on  Thu Feb 26, 2015  at  09:02 AM
this is only propaganda.they dont no muslim means mussalam iman no body can change his iman even you will show the elephant is flying muslim will never believe muslim only believe on god
Posted by EQBAL  on  Sat Feb 28, 2015  at  10:09 PM
Let's wait for the return of the son of God to this wicked world...
On the day of judgment we will ask Him whether the horse was true horse or just a balloon..
In the meantime,Let you know That there is no other name on earth,in heaven and the sea below by which humanity must be Saved apart from the name of Jesus Christ,the Sun of the living God....He is inescapable,Because if you try to dodge Him on earth, you will still meet Him in the Eternity.
Posted by richie joseph  on  Tue Apr 07, 2015  at  11:39 PM
Whats wrong with you all, just confirm its authenticity ... then we will talk, what if its made up story... so whats ur evidence?
Posted by Abdu'rahman  on  Thu Apr 09, 2015  at  08:22 AM
In 1982 an angel of Jesus spoke to me and said "turn to Jesus with all of your heart and all of your mind". The time is running out, Muslims, please find Jesus, pray to God to show you the truth.
Posted by R Brown  on  Sun Apr 12, 2015  at  02:42 AM
I don't only believe but I am damm sure that the end of the world is coming nearer day by day.
this horse is real because it was moving in one direction,legs were continuous moving & heads were also moving. I telling u all that this was burrahk & it was same as the flying horse seen in movie clash of the titans. but the flying horse seen in mecca was not having wings. We can also say that this warning for all of us that kayaamat ( world end) is near. daily earthquakes are coming in Nepal,india, & many other countries. so be alert. this is just a message for all humans and mutants.
Posted by arsalan  on  Mon May 25, 2015  at  12:26 PM
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