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Derrie-Air claims to be the world's only carbon-neutral luxury airline. From its website:

Welcome to Derrie-Air, the world's only carbon-neutral luxury airline, where you don't have to choose between living the high life and saving the planet. Nine out of ten scientists agree—we need to reduce our carbon emissions or perish from the face of the earth. Air travel is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions and global warming. Derrie-Air will be the only airline that plants trees to offset every pound of carbon that our planes release into the atmosphere.
But not only will we do our part to protect the environment, we will expect you, our passengers, to do your part as well. The magic comes from our one of a kind "Sliding Scale"—the more you weigh, the more you'll pay. After all, it takes more fuel—more energy—to get more weight from point A to point B. So we will charge passengers based on how much mass they add to the plane. The heavier you and your luggage are, the more trees we'll plant to make up for the trouble of flying you from place to place.

The reality is that Derrie-Air doesn't exist. It's a fake company dreamed up by Philadelphia Media Holdings, owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News. In addition to creating the Derrie-Air site, they also ran Derrie-Air ads in their papers as a marketing test "to demonstrate the power of our brands, in print and online, to drive traffic awareness -- in this case for a brand that doesn’t exist and is fictitious." More details in Editor & Publisher, and on MSNBC.

I predict this will become a case of satirical prophecy, in that it won't be long before airlines actually are implementing measures such as charging by the pound. (Thanks, Rebecca)

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Posted on Fri Jun 06, 2008


Hrmm. I rather expected the print to read about a revolutionary new engine that ran on methane. At least, with a name like that I did.
Posted by Tah  on  Fri Jun 06, 2008  at  05:14 PM
I hate the fact that they ran a long (lawyer-vetted and insisted on, no doubt) disclaimer at the bottom of the ad explaining that it was a gag.

If you're going to pull a prank, JUST DO IT. You can always explain later, if you must. The disclaimers do nothing but kill the joke.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Jun 07, 2008  at  01:28 AM
I live in a community that has farmland in nearly any direction you look. We often joke:
"Come visit our county and enjoy the dairy air!"

Now - if, somehow, that quip would be satirical prophecy, with "come smell our dairy air," becoming the new tourism board motto...
Posted by Bill  on  Sat Jun 07, 2008  at  04:12 AM
Well, they gave a big hint that it was a prank with the company's name, that sounds exactly like "derri
Posted by Lanika  on  Wed Jun 11, 2008  at  10:28 AM
Uh, Lanika, what's wrong with a little risque name? It might be a good way to catch attention and hold it long enough to get customers. Just as long as the name as a meaning that is also "clean" so that they can point to that version to fight off any bluenoses.

BTW Alex, my random security word was EARTH. It was random, right?
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Jun 16, 2008  at  12:25 PM
"I predict this will become a case of satirical prophecy, in that it won't be long before airlines actually are implementing measures such as charging by the pound. "

Well, even if airlines arent yet prepared to accept the wrath of the fat public, people certainly think it's a good idea.(Thin people I presume),26058,23871863-5014090,00.html
Charge obesity, not luggage fees

Weight debate ... some readers feel aggrieved that they are paying extra weight fees on their luggage, while overweight passengers should be footing the bill AIRLINES should punish obese passengers for their weight instead of charging costly checked luggage charges, say readers.

Reacting angrily to news that Australian airlines are forcing passengers to pay extra luggage fees, readers said overweight travellers should be footing the bill, with one reader suggesting they be seated in "super-size" class.
... etc
Posted by AussieBruce  on  Tue Jun 17, 2008  at  02:17 PM
Actually, the name itself is a pun. Derrie-Air, in French (my native language), sounds exactly like "derrière", which means "behind", or in the context of human weight, butt.

Pretenting to charge obesity while being called Butt is an intended pun obvious to a French speaking personn.
Posted by Frenchyarnaud  on  Fri Feb 15, 2013  at  06:43 AM
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