Fire Dragon

If this was just a random unsourced picture on the Internet I would probably suspect that it had been manipulated to create the dragon effect. However, it comes from a professional photographer, Noel Celis of AFP Photo, and is hosted on Getty Images. And these sources provide no indication that the photo was manipulated in any way. So I have to conclude that it's real. In other words, that it's a case of pareidolia, rather than photo fakery.

Getty Images offers this caption:
"A fire breather performs in Chinatown in Manila a day before the Chinese New Year on January 22, 2012. The Lunar New Year falls on January 23 and is the begining of the Spring Festival holiday."

Pareidolia Photos

Posted on Wed Apr 16, 2014


It does seem awfully convenient that the Year of the Dragon was being ushered in. If indeed it is real, well done.
Posted by Val  on  Thu Apr 17, 2014  at  02:41 PM
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