Fetal Educator Strap

To you and me it may look like two tape players attached to a belt, but according to Dahlman Industries it's actually a 'Fetal Educator Strap', and they've managed to get it patented as such. What the patent doesn't mention is the type of sounds you should be using to educate the fetus. I'm curious if this will ever get made and if anyone will actually use it. (via Patently Silly, via J-Walk)


Posted on Mon Feb 07, 2005


Why do you need two of the player thingies?
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  06:44 PM
Umm...They already have a few tummy-sound things on the market. I saw them when I was pregnant, but decided that it would be just as easy to have the radio on.

Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Feb 10, 2005  at  09:56 AM
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