Fecal Tongs

Okay, this is gross, but what else would you expect from a web hoax? It's some guy's collection of fecal tongs. Personally, I've never heard of such a thing as a fecal tong before. They look like just regular tongs to me. In fact, I would say that this site is actually just a collection of pictures of tongs, (so it's quite safe for work, unless your boss would object to the word 'fecal') which this guy has managed to spin a wild story around.

Body Manipulation Gross

Posted on Fri Oct 31, 2003


HEY we love using your feacle tongs they are best when you have a massive shit hanging out and it won't come out naturally....we love everything about them!!!!! We once used them to also masturbate!
Posted by megan and BEC  on  Tue Jun 28, 2005  at  06:40 PM
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