Fake Predictions Seized

Here's an interesting short crime report from the China Post:

Hong Kong customs officers have seized nearly 1,500 fake fortunetelling books that contain published predictions for the wrong year, a customs official said Sunday. The fake books, which were seized Friday, purport to offer predictions for the next Chinese calendar year, the Year of the Rooster, but their texts are lifted from published predictions for previous years, said Customs and Excise Department official Chiu Yuk-hung. The fakes were published under the names of local fortune tellers and legitimate publishers, he said.

I wonder if the police were most worried about the plagiarism, or protecting the public from potentially inaccurate predictions?


Posted on Sun Dec 05, 2004


It's nice to see that SOMEBODY is working to make sure the fortune-telling business is completely on the up-and-up. 😖
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Mon Dec 06, 2004  at  02:25 PM
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