Fake news already spreading about Dorner shootout

Hey, did you hear that Christopher Dorner somehow survived yesterday's shootout? Yeah, apparently the charred remains inside the cabin have been identified as female, not male! No credible news sources are reporting this, but there's a blurry TV screenshot of a CNN newscast circulating on twitter & facebook that says it, so it must be true!

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Posted on Wed Feb 13, 2013


But the screen capture says it's "confrimed" so it must be true!
Posted by Killian Zimmerman  on  Wed Feb 13, 2013  at  03:02 PM
Hello there. I just saw this, and it looked real at first, but now I am seeing something fishy with this screenshot.

If you look at the headline that states: "Body found confirmed to be female." Actually says "Body found confrimed to be female." If you didn't spot that already, "Confirmed" is spelled incorrectly.

Sorry if you already spotted that but I just wanted to comment about that. So either the headline was already misspelled or it's photoshopped.

Posted by Timber  on  Wed Feb 13, 2013  at  03:33 PM
"Confrimed"? It's not even a competent enough fake to spell everything in a six-word headline correctly
Posted by Dr. Breakfast  on  Wed Feb 13, 2013  at  10:04 PM
Yeah, what does 'confrimed' mean anyway? Google just keeps changing it to 'confirmed'. Doesn't matter though, until dental records or other data can identify the body without doubt, I'll stick with the notion that no one knows for sure whose body was found.
Posted by hulitoons  on  Thu Feb 14, 2013  at  01:29 PM
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