Fake Marriages Legally Binding

Saying that you were just pretending is now no longer an option. Luisa Holden-Cardozo tried to argue that her marriage should be annulled since the 100-guest ceremony was just a sham done for the sake of her boyfriend's (husband's) sick mother. The judge didn't buy this excuse, ruling that "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it's a duck." This verdict might put a damper on the mock wedding craze.


Posted on Tue Apr 20, 2004


Well, all those marriage over in San Francisco walked, quacked, and looked like ducks, and some of those idiots in Washington and the Bible Belt want to disolve those!

I mean, does anyone else find it infuriating that a man/woman marriage is binding even if they were "just kidding," but a man/man or woman/woman marriage is "a mockery of this sacred ceremony" even if they're totally serious and committed to each other?

As Bill Maher said, how can you consider anything that can be performed for two drunk people in Vegas at 3 in the morning in the presense of a Elvis-impersonating dwarf "sacred"?
Posted by Sheldon  on  Sun Apr 25, 2004  at  04:35 PM
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