Fake Eunuchs Run Amok

Apparently there's a tradition in India that a eunuch can show up at a house after a birth or marriage and ask for money. But nowadays more and more fake eunuchs are elbowing in on this lucrative market... much to the annoyment of the real eunuchs. The fake eunuchs are also involved in a lot of other even more criminal activities: "From extorting money to robbing shopkeepers and passengers in trains, these fake eunuchs are running a parallel network." Honestly, I never knew there was such a thing as a eunuch crime network, let alone a parallel fake eunuch crime network. For some reason this sounds like something out of a Monty Python skit.

Body Manipulation Identity/Imposters

Posted on Wed Jul 07, 2004


I've seen stuff on the Indian "eunichs" before...these are some scary dudes! They're also cross-dressers...so...imagine 15 Rue-Pauls knocking on your door, totally ticked off, and asking for money...looked pretty scary to me! There these poor people were, trying to have a wedding, and the cast of "Pricilla, Queen of the Dessert" shows up, angry, beligerent, and demanding a piece of the wedding cake...not to mention the gifts! If the people didn't pay them they'd tear the place apart. Not very nice people.
Posted by Gee...  on  Wed Jul 07, 2004  at  01:27 PM
There is an entire book about the eunuchs of India, and this very practice is covered there.
Posted by Karin  on  Wed Jul 07, 2004  at  02:00 PM
Ok... How does one fake eunuch-hood?
Posted by Jacob  on  Wed Jul 07, 2004  at  04:10 PM
eunichs' r freaks... dey get castrated (chopperty-chop)... n walk around askin 4 doe n if ya donts gib dem any dey place curses n EvIL chants on u... dont wanna meet these ppl in a dark ally...
Posted by OOI  on  Thu Jul 08, 2004  at  02:14 AM
this is my impression of OOI: dis be da truth fo rizzle dem enucheseses be bein' walking round and den dey ask fo da ca$$$$h money and if dey dont get deir money dey go n' they be placin' dem CuRsEs on yeh, ah reckon.i wonder what dem eunuscheseseseseseseses spend deir money on! dey is be bein filthy cowards ah reckon
Posted by john  on  Thu Jul 08, 2004  at  12:31 PM
Geez... Begging eunuchs... Wonder what's going to be the next fad.
Posted by The Mexx  on  Mon Jul 12, 2004  at  12:50 AM
Maybe OOI should go back to getting fragged in Counter Strike :o
Posted by parazyte  on  Tue Jul 13, 2004  at  08:47 AM
The debate is between Hijras, the "real" eunuchs and the Kotis, "fake" eunuchs that mock the Hijras. Hijras are more like a form of transexualism, but without the fancy medical procedures to make them "woman". The Hijras claim to be decendents of the eunuchs who protected harems in the 15-16th centuries. They even are associated with some Hindu goddess. I was able to meet and listen to a speak by Kira Hall, one of the primary anthropologists who reasearch both cultures. It's really not a "crime network", and it is kinda offensive to term either the Hijras or Kotis with that misnomer. Both the cultures have been around for centuries. And they don't just come up and ask for money. These days it might be starting to be the case since their real services aren't used as much anymore, but their service is to bless the wedding or the birth and use vulgarity and humor to liven up the festivities. It's quite interesting and I urge you to take a longer look into their culture rather than calling them criminals
Posted by A  on  Fri Jun 16, 2006  at  11:12 PM
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