Fake Chinese ‘Made in India’ Garments sold in Nigeria

The commerce department of India is considering filing a formal diplomatic complaint against China because of Chinese garments being sold in Nigeria with fake "Made in India" tags. I'm sure it's a serious diplomatic matter, but if you could just somehow add a Russian gangster and a Spanish prisoner into the mix, you'd have a perfect storm of scam artists. [Economic Times]

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Posted on Wed Jun 24, 2009


Just... Wow.. That's a whole level of strange. Is there that much stigma for chinese-made clothes in Nigeria? Is there some sort of tax they're avoiding? There's just so many levels of *wierd* there..

I'm reminded a few years back, China actually renamed a city 'Usa', and proudly stamped products with 'made in Usa', until the rules changed and folks told them to knock it off.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Jun 25, 2009  at  03:05 AM
Well, there are large numbers of Indians living in Africa, and so there's a good bit more Indian than Chinese influence in that continent. It could be that the Chinese were wanting to appeal to that.

And yes, Robin, the infamous city of Usa. . .

Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu Jun 25, 2009  at  05:22 AM
Yeah.. I figured Snopes would have a word or three on that one. I heard about it back when I was like, 8...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Jun 25, 2009  at  07:30 AM
SERVES THEM RIGHT. Chinese sellers have been flooding Ebay with mass-produced polyester Chinese garments and labeling them "Authentic Japanese Kimono!" for years. I collect Japanese textiles, and trying to sort through hundreds of pages of hanfu before finding a real kimono takes hours. I like hanfu too- I just wish that they would label them properly. :(

Posted by SuperGrouper  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  02:33 PM
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