Extreme Street Soccer

The following video shows kids (maybe in Brazil, I'm guessing) performing extreme freestyle soccer tricks. The tricks are pretty cool, but of course they're fake. The flips may be real, but the soccer ball must have been digitally inserted into the shots. The video is a viral ad for a new playstation game, FIFA Street 3. It reminds me of that Nike ad featuring Ronaldinho that was going around two years ago.

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Posted on Mon Feb 25, 2008


Green-White Beetle cab -> Mexico City
Song in Spanish -> DEFINITELY NOT BRAZIL, whose language is PORTUGUESE
Posted by Jr  on  Mon Feb 25, 2008  at  04:13 PM
Ha Ha! I can do all those tricks!
Posted by Nick jett  on  Sun Apr 27, 2008  at  08:26 AM
they are from mexico u retart
Posted by J0rg3  on  Fri May 09, 2008  at  09:47 PM
That is a very cool video. The music is definitely Spanish, not Portuguese. I'm thinking one of the South American countries.
Posted by ronny  on  Tue Jul 08, 2008  at  11:25 AM
Posted by pofo23  on  Sun Aug 24, 2008  at  05:32 PM
This video is a fake, it is impossible to do such things. I mean, kicking the ball from a guys head, I don't believe it!
Posted by Soccer Training Advisor  on  Thu Oct 09, 2008  at  09:20 AM
Some really cool tricks there! But obviously some( mostly all) of them are fake. But a cool video nonetheless
Posted by manchester united website  on  Sat Feb 14, 2009  at  01:38 AM
agreed the vid is cool. It would be interesting to know if they actually did any of those tricks themselves... as it's pretty realistic so must have taken some serious CGIing I guess.
Posted by wejwebb  on  Sat May 16, 2009  at  08:54 AM
Posted by Melani  on  Fri Nov 20, 2009  at  09:58 PM
Americans are happy that there first game is with algeria and slovenia I believe.They believe they can win???Are they on coke?They talk about Germany and england like its nothing.I have news for you ! Rooney will smash you like a pumpkin.And dont take these algerians by the look,you fruitloops
Posted by power87  on  Sat Dec 05, 2009  at  05:59 PM
oyun oyna
Posted by oyunlar  on  Tue Jan 12, 2010  at  09:35 AM
The music is definitely Spanish, not Portuguese.
Posted by Oyun  on  Wed Jan 27, 2010  at  12:17 PM
Great player.
Posted by enozth  on  Mon Feb 15, 2010  at  12:32 AM
Unreal playing, Music is <a >Brazil, No?</a>
Posted by Agile  on  Tue Mar 16, 2010  at  10:49 PM
Nice,very nice!!!
Posted by Gala  on  Sun Apr 18, 2010  at  08:41 AM
.I have news for you ! Rooney will smash you like a pumpkin
Posted by handyman manchester  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  12:56 AM
I love this video some great soccer skills shame its not real. Thanks for posting
Posted by Football Transfers  on  Mon Jan 17, 2011  at  07:47 AM
We think the Soccer is one GOOD sport in all the world, but with JESUS IS THE BEST !!!
Posted by Ruben Reyes  on  Tue Jun 28, 2011  at  09:08 PM
Personnaly I don't think this is fake, as I have personnaly witnessed such performances as the first part of a stage show a couple of years ago.

The point is, in this video these acrobats (or performers, you name it) were staged outdoors with the relevant clothing etc in order to produce a fake amateur street entertainment - in this regard the video is fake.

But the performance is definitely real.
Posted by Frenchyarnaud  on  Mon Feb 18, 2013  at  02:21 AM
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