Evidence of Adultery For Sale

Bidding ended today on eBay Australia for an "EMPTY CONDOM PACKET & A PHOTO OF 'THE TART'S' KNICKERS." The winning bid was US $303.00.

The story was that a woman was selling a picture of black lacy underwear she had found in her bed after catching her husband having an affair. From Reuters:

The woman says she returned from work after receiving a romantic text message from her husband of 22 years that was clearly misdirected to find him at home watching a DVD and discouraging her from entering their bedroom. In the room she found the empty condom wrapper under his pillow and "the Tart's knickers ... at the foot of the bed." The woman said this was not her last sale on eBay.
She says her husband's Harley motorcycle is "the next item that will probably be sold on eBay at a start price of 99c and, of course, with no reserve!"

Cranky Media Guy asks, "Why do I suspect that this woman's story is not entirely true?" And as I've noted before, "A good story, whether true or not, can sell anything."

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Posted on Mon Aug 18, 2008


If she has the underpants, why is she only selling a picture of them? Does she want to keep them and wear them herself or something?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  07:41 PM
I heard it's got something to do with ebay's sale of 2nd hand clothes policy. I didn't do any research on that though.
Posted by P.falc  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  08:13 PM
I'd like to be there when the buyer explains, "Uh, sorry, kids, there'll be no dinner this week because your mother just spent $303 on an empty condom wrapper and a snapshot of some underwear."
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  08:21 PM
I am going to make a friggin' FORTUNE! YEAH!
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  08:45 PM
Gary -- P.falc has it right. She wanted to sell the underwear itself, but couldn't because of eBay's policy. And still someone paid $300 just for a picture.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  09:03 PM
Pictures of your used underwear, Maegan?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  01:11 AM
Maegan, I too wonder how you plan to make this fortune. Do you mean you have even more or better evidence of your husband's infidelity? Or do you just have a lot of used underwear and condom wrappers that you'd be willing to sell?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  06:58 AM
I just have plenty of used underwear I can take pictures off...and have a fabulous resource for condom wrappers. 😉
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  07:49 AM
How you doin' Maegan? 😜
*only a picture?*
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  09:47 AM
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