Elvis Water Sells for $455

image This is of interest only as yet more proof that the sell-junk-on-eBay gag will never, ever end:

Wade Jones of North Carolina says he snared a plastic cup from which Elvis Presley drank at a concert in 1977 and kept the cup and the water for 27 years before selling the remaining few tablespoons of water on eBay. The winning bid for the water was $455. He says he won't sell the cup.

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Posted on Fri Dec 31, 2004


Of course he won't sell the cup! If people will pay him $455 for water from it, he'll be rich. It's the goose that laid the golden egg.

Of course, he'll probably resist any attempts by anyone to ascertain if the cup is even old enough to be something used by Elvis.
Posted by cvirtue  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  07:39 AM
I'll bet a lot of people would pay more than $500 for the name and address of the sucker who'd buy an ounce or two of plain water for $455. I've got a bridge that customer might be interested in ...
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  11:59 AM
Why didn't the water ever evaporate? Even if he had kept it covered in a refrigerator, if it was clean (or at least somewhat sanitary) water, wouldn't it have at least gradually condensed after a while until it had all gone?
Posted by Sarah  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  10:56 PM
If you read the entry, the original water was sealed in a jar after a while. Water won't evaporate through a truly sealed jar.
Posted by cvirtue  on  Sat Jan 01, 2005  at  09:53 AM
I saw this article while Alex was updating the message board. I did wonder about the water, I saw that he had frozen it at one point, but even transfering water from one thing to another...you always leave a little behind.
Posted by Maegan  on  Sun Jan 02, 2005  at  09:32 AM
Wade Jones claims that the concert was in February of 1977. If you look at the photo of Elvis in his Ebay listing, Elvis is thin. Yet he was fat by that time which was six months before he died.
Posted by Spencer  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  06:34 AM
I heard an interview with the seller on the local radio. A regular PT Barnum, with all of his bases covered. The cup was styrofoam, and he claimed that he froze it and it's contents (would a styrofoam cup of water burst in the freezer?). He says that he even took a drink from it after the show. Could the King's DNA be extracted for cloning purposes? The mind boggles...
Posted by Randy  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  01:15 PM
Breaking Elvis Cup news India and U.K. ...offered to Paul McCartney for $10,000.00 ...proceeds to No More Landmines
I'm Wade Jones...owner of the Elvis Cup..

email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I'm in Belmont, NC


Elvis Presley Styrofoam Cup For Sale To Paul McCartney
Posted by Wade Jones  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  06:54 PM
Hi folks. I have a dilemma. A question in one of our magazines this week asks " How much in pounds did Wade Jones from North Carolina pay for three tablespoons of water taken from a cup used by Elvis at a 1977 concert." Can anybody help. $455 isn't one of the options given.

Posted by Llenty  on  Sun May 15, 2005  at  11:07 AM
That's just insane to me. How did they ensure that it was a real one, not a fake?
Posted by Srini Venkat  on  Wed May 14, 2008  at  12:27 AM
Lets be serious! I think this is a joke. That water can't resist this long.
Posted by dryer parts  on  Fri Jun 20, 2008  at  08:52 AM
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