Dumb, or Just Playing Dumb?

Here's a question that the world's greatest minds have yet to answer: are pop stars who appear to be dumb really that dumb, or are they just faking it? For instance, does Britney Spears really not know who Yoko Ono is, or is she just pretending not to know in order to cultivate her airhead image and generate free publicity? Nancy Snow, a professor at Cal State Fullerton, says it's all an act: "People at that level are always 'on' — they know what they're saying... it's kind of a sweetheart deal between them and the media. It really helps to feed the publicity machine." (via Sexy Pop Culture)


Posted on Thu Apr 29, 2004


Methinks that's giving way to much credit to the wrong people.
Posted by Bob S. Yunkle  on  Sun May 02, 2004  at  10:47 PM
I don't know about that have you ever seen, Newly Weds, Jessica Simpson and Nick?

The girl is such a sweet thing but OMG is she an air head.
Posted by Marty (Rage) Garcia  on  Mon May 03, 2004  at  09:43 PM
No, they really are that stupid. They truly are plastic automatons created by and for the vacuous pop recording industry. An industry that is simultaneously a reflection of and a molder of the simple minds that support it.
Posted by Not Blond  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  01:33 PM
wow, how can you not know who Yoko Ono is?

to Marty (Rage) Garcia
I've seen the newly weds, jessica isnt really an airhead, she acts like it. i read in a glamour magazine how she said it was all an act...
Posted by Eva  on  Sun Mar 05, 2006  at  07:40 PM
Oh you read it in a glamor mag so it must be true.
Posted by gixie  on  Mon Nov 23, 2009  at  03:07 PM
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