Don Fulci, Terrorist Mastermind

image According to US News, one day last April the FBI, acting on a tip from an informant, went on alert to track down an evil reclusive millionaire terrorist mastermind named Don Emilio Fulci who was planning chemical attacks against London and Washington DC. FBI Director Mueller was even informed about the threat that Fulci posed. Only later did someone in the White House realize that Don Fulci is the name of the crime boss in a video game named Headhunter. I wonder if that day in April happened to be April 1st? (via BoingBoing)

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Posted on Tue May 11, 2004


Although half the web is having a laugh over this, I bet most if not all of them never tried the Google search. How can I tell ? Simple, try it yourself and you'll see why. The search returns 3,380 pages, the first 90 or so refer to the FBI story, as it was regurgitated on blogs, even The Columbia Political Review, several sites in Germany and Russia, you name it, it was all over the place. By the time you get into the 150-ies things peter out to "Don", "Fulci" (Don't torture the Duckling) and finally "Don't"...but absolutely no mention of a game character called "Don Emilio Fulci" and I very much doubt the boss of the FBI would have even gotten to page 13, if he looked at all.

There is a game called Headhunter (Sega) and it appears to contain a character called Don Fulci -- I don't know about the "Emilio" part -- but see if you can find any reference to both the game and the character. Yes, I did or at least one of my computers did and if you ask me nicely I might even tell you, but the point is : see how far the willing suspension of disbelief goes these days when the US or it's intelligence agancies are involved ?

A hoax for sure, but who's the laugh on ?
Posted by eberhard speer jr.  on  Thu May 13, 2004  at  04:09 PM
Yes sure now it is. But one could imagine that before this all happened google's results were pretty different, as they could not yet have reported the fbi events.
One could imagine the FBI to find a page like this:, that is result number 5 now when searching for "don fulci".
Posted by Wichor Bramer  on  Tue Jun 22, 2004  at  05:19 AM
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