Confused Prankster

MSNBC reported a case a few days ago of a confused prankster. A delivery woman showed up outside the house of Joe Biden with a pizza:

After determining that no one inside had placed the order, the officer placed a call to "Chris," whose name was on the tag. "It's a prank?!" the officer asked incredulously. He then walked out of range of reporters to get some information from the pizza villain. There was a credit number on file, but no telling if it was valid. Or why anyone would target the Delaware senator at this time.

What "Chris" apparently failed to understand is that if you've paid for the pizza, it's not a prank to send it to someone's house. It's then a gift. I'm happy to accept all free pizzas people want to send me.

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Posted on Mon Aug 25, 2008


I wouldn't mind a free pizza, either, but if I were Joe Biden, I don't think I'd be eating any food sent by a person or persons unknown. There are too many nuts out there who might want to do harm to the Democratic vice presidential designee.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Aug 25, 2008  at  05:01 PM
The Something Awful people did it:
Posted by Jay  on  Mon Aug 25, 2008  at  08:16 PM
So if I pay for the flaming bag of dog poo to be sent to your house, it's a gift, not a prank?
Posted by Jerome  on  Sun Sep 14, 2008  at  10:56 PM
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