Christmas Tinner Update

Thanks to "anonymous" who posted a comment to my recent post about "Christmas Tinner" (the entire Christmas day meal in a tin), alerting me to this video in which "steviejacko" has a can of the stuff, opens it up, and eats it.

This suggests that, at the very least, someone created a prototype of this product.

In the youtube comments, steviejacko says: "The one shop where it is available in basingstoke is sold out, it was done as a trial to see how much interest there was, it wont be available now for 2 weeks and even then it will be pretty scarce."


Posted on Mon Dec 16, 2013


He doesn't actually peel the lid off. It's just set on there. The video makers made one can as a gag. Well done, though.
Posted by Meringue  on  Sun Feb 09, 2014  at  05:03 PM
Something similar seems to actually exist in the UK:
Posted by Jim Barrett  on  Sat Oct 17, 2015  at  05:30 AM
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