China Invades Japan

Status: Hoax (Fake News Story)
image A fake news article ruffled a few feathers over in Asia by reporting that China had invaded the Japanese island of Okinawa. In the context of growing tensions between the two countries, this was apparently believable to some people. Though there's no word on how many people fell for it. The hoaxers disguised their fake story as a Yahoo! News page. Usually fake news stories are easily spotted by examining the URL. If it looks like a Yahoo! News page, but it's not on (or whatever the Japanese equivalent is), then it's a good bet the story is fake. I haven't been able to find out what the URL of the hoax article was in this case.

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Posted on Thu Oct 20, 2005


Man that's just evil...some things you just can't joke about.
Posted by Yushi  on  Thu Oct 20, 2005  at  10:41 PM
I've got to admit it does seem very irresponsible. It's the sort of thing that could cause riots, depending on how many people got fooled of course.
Posted by Peter  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  03:42 AM
if you are interested in topic of subversive media art NRD Van made content/spoof management systey which you can use for production of news dressed in cnn, bbc or abc news:
Posted by marcell mars  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  09:25 AM
Fraudulently announcing an invasion is less like a joke than like shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater (or like playfully announcing you're going to bomb Russia, as Ronald Reagan once did). This just ain't funny.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  03:07 PM
marcell mars, I did look at that site, but since it's all in Croatian, I guess I'll have to take your word about what it says.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  03:09 PM
It does bring attention to how easily China could invade Japan if it chose to do so though.
Posted by Craig  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  06:05 AM
Craig, I think everybody in Japan is already rather painfully aware that China could easily invade Japan, and at least since the 1930s, China has got to be aware that Japan can invade that country as well.
Posted by Big Gary in Dallas  on  Sun Oct 23, 2005  at  08:01 AM
China invades japan?
We Chinese are not so interested to invade other countries or tell lies shamelessly as japanses. We were, and we will be. So, before your knowledge about China is sufficient, please keep silence rationally.
Posted by zhang  on  Sat Nov 19, 2005  at  09:56 AM
please forgive my poor English...
Posted by zhang  on  Sat Nov 19, 2005  at  09:57 AM
I wonder if anyonr remembers what the Japanese Armies did to the chinese people ( all civilians, old, young, male, female,it didn;t matter. Even the Nazis was suprised at the way that the Japanese soldiers was torturing the chinese people. And as of today, the Japanese has not paid for their crimes.
The Nazis was hunted down, what about the Japanese.
No, not one Japanese was even accused of any war crimes, let alone convictions. our government help rebuild Japan, but what the chinese. nobody came to their aid when they needed most. I blame the white society for this, the British and the United States.
The history books doesn't tell us how many chinese was massacre, but they tell of the Jews only.
So if China does invades Japan, I'm all for it. The Japanese government should take responsibilities of what they had done, not just put it to the side and disregards that these war crimes ever happen.
Here's a list of some of the things that the Japanese soldiers does to the CHINESE people:
putting a water hose in a young girl's virgina,a pregnant woman's virgina, and open the hose filling their wombs till their stomach burst. Is this humane??? they raped, they killed, it didn't matter to the Japanese people as long as they kept on killing chinese people.
Using chinese as bayonet practice, tying any chinese to the tree, and continue using them as bayonet pratice till they die. Is this HUMANE???
There is a lot more, Just writing this makes me sick to my stomach. How can te world ignore these war crimes???????? when will the chinese ever see justice???? I don't think it would ever happen in my life time. everyone show ask the elder chinese what exactly the Japanese soldiers did to their families as they stood there helplessly and force to wqtch these horrible crimes.
Posted by moy  on  Wed Jan 18, 2006  at  11:32 PM
This conversation got very sidetracked and stupid very fast.
Living in Okinawa, this was a really funny article when I saw it in the papers. The site itself I only saw glimpses of (it was taken down quickly as you would imagine). There could be some google cache of it laying around though.
It reminded me of that famous radio hoax that said we were being invaded by Mars or some such.

No one in Okinawa, whose people aren`t very fond of being related to Japan anyway, reacted much to this. It was like "oh, OK, interesting."
I`m surprised they even tried to arrest the guys who did this.
But then I`m surprised that anyone still falls for these stunts. Who would seriously start a riot because of one webpage and not even check the TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.
And riot where and for what? Gonna` go break the windows of the neighborhood store and start stealing everything when people are shopping?
You learn pretty quick if something like this isn`t real.

This was just a damn funny stunt, and I wish the webpage was still up (computers were confiscated) for the lightening up of society.

As for Japan attacking China: No, no military or weapon stockpile or Constitution permitting such
Atrocities: No Country is exempt from making atrocities and shoving them under the rug. America and China included.

While you`re all at being over-sensitive
would you like to take care of my $10,000,000 held up in Zimbabwe? I really need to put it in your bank account to retreive later. I`ll give you 10% for your trouble.
Posted by Shun  on  Wed Apr 26, 2006  at  09:36 PM
Is this a hoax?
Posted by Okinawa  on  Thu Feb 07, 2008  at  05:45 AM
Japanese soldiers are ordered by their commanders to kill *Innocent* (non-military) Chinese people to send a message that they are in-stoppable,

What orders?
1. Kill everyone you see.
2. Burn every house you see.
3. Grab anything (food & supply) you see.

Of course, Jap government denied everything, what they can't deny is the fact that was printed on their own newspaper, such as two generals competing killing civilians with their swords, the most infamous and stupid generals ever respected by human kind, well I assumed that Japs are human & humane, which WAS not true.

How on the earth could we pay respect to such beasts and murderers? What THE HELL was the Jap standard of morality and humanity? What were they teaching kids in school? Killing? Raping? Harassing? Maybe that's what it is, that explains why Japs produced the most adult video today.

If they killed militants during battles, I have nothing to say, I mean, Japanese always say that they are the most polite race on the planet, I would say they are the most voracious beasts on earth, stain of God's creation.

Making mistakes is not that horrible, the funny and ridiculous thing is that you don't apologize for the SHIT you've done to others. Look at your newspapers 60 years ago, Jap Prime Minister Koizumi, (whoever that bastard lier is, I don't fucking care), why deny what you did 60 years ago?

Germans are much more civilized and humane in terms of honesty and morality. You know, wars are wounds, aggressors' apology and compensation console the souls of the dead. Those bastard Japs don't even give a fuck of what they did, I can't forgive them, unless one day, they admit what they did to the Chinese civilians is wrong and apologize.

Every time I see the *confident & smiling* Jap prime minister on TV, I feel that I want to puke, so please dig a hole on the ground and shove you ass in that hole, thinking about what it really means to be honest and responsible.

Jesus ...
Posted by Willy Lee  on  Mon Jul 20, 2009  at  12:44 AM
Willy Lee: I assume your diatribe means the US is someday gonna apologize and compensate the vietnamese for agent orange, My Lai or for ordering that fleeing korean civilians be shot at by infantry/planes/naval guns ? I guess the firebombing of german cities in WW2 or letting 1.5 million german prisoners die of exposure and hunger is entirely justifiable in your mind and I shouldn't bring that up or the nuking of two major japanese cities.

I fail to see how that is any different. Of course you just never see the warcrimes of the victors being incriminated, anything they do is put on the loser's tab for not cooperating better in getting beaten. That's how it's different. Vae victis!
Posted by Nick  on  Fri Jan 01, 2010  at  07:43 PM
After living in Japan and Germany, it is easy to see how Japanese and Germans did what they did in the past wars. Emotion is not a well explored area within these two peoples. They seem to be very clinical and almost robotic in their ways. Not all are bad.. but these observations come from years spent around them.
People from the same race kiil each other, Chinese killed each other in dynasty wars as did many other clans of the same race from every country in the world. The problem is humans, we are shit unless kept in check with constructed moral boundaries. It is an unfortunate necessity in our still backward animal like instincts. We need to become better than what we have been - and still are to some degree now. All this knowledge, yet people do bad things to each other all the time - everywhere. We hide behind the notion - we are moral and civilised but it changes under certain pressure - be it to survive or get more (of anything). We are backward and the only way to change this ailing society in major reform. Good luck to all who can bothered in changing the way they think.
Posted by Roman  on  Sat May 15, 2010  at  10:55 PM
Both China and Japan really need to grow up.
If you cant come up with a solution over the Islands and cant compromise and split Natural resources 50-50 then there are only two options.

1. Have an Island Conflict which doesnt involve attacking each others mainland. winner gets the Islands.

2. Sign a UN treaty where both countries agree to 'shelf' the Island issue for 100 years. Ie. both sides agree to disagree about the Islands for 100 years then revisit the issue when both countries have matured enough. In the meantime the Islands are off limits for both countries until the issue is revisited in 2110.

Its time to grow up! start behaving. Now while I can't think of anything more entertaining than watching the 2 Asian superpowers go to war, while i sit at home with some popcorn. People will die and thats not neccessary! enough people have died 60 years ago on both sides.

Dont be so childish and sensitive. past is past. live in the past and your future will fail.

Posted by John  on  Sun Oct 03, 2010  at  04:17 PM
Instead of seeing this as a "Japanese" vs "Chinese" situation. Why not see this as a human vs human act. Could this be true human nature? Just like how lions fight over their territory?

back to the main article: If China invades...Japan is screwed, no joke. The Japan self defense force cannot fight back even if China invades, do to the agreement of having no arms, having soldiers, etc...

and to Willy Lee: "Every time I see the *confident & smiling* Jap prime minister on TV, I feel that I want to puke, so please dig a hole on the ground and shove you ass in that hole, thinking about what it really means to be honest and responsible."

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Japanese government just sucks period.

but: "Japs don't even give a fuck of what they did, I can't forgive them"

I notice that you live in the US. Have you ever met a Japanese person? I'm Japanese, a young adult, and my past generations were all farmers who took no part in the war. Can you forgive me? I went to a school where students from all four corners of the Earth join together and learn. Of course there were Chinese people, and they had no problem getting along with everybody else (including Japanese people). I think you are still too unworldly to make such comments.
Posted by Sean  on  Tue Oct 05, 2010  at  05:14 AM
Both China and Japanese are very nationalistic countries. The politeness of the Japanese merely masks their true nature but only to the inexperience observers. The difference between Japanese atrocities and most other countries' atrocities in war (at least in modern times) is the systematic and totally dehumanizing way in which innocent civilians are killed by the Japanese against their Asian neighbors. The only other comparison for atrocities of such a large scale is the Nazi extermination of the Jews. But for that the Germans did apologize fully and even setup hate laws to prevent any such future incidents. The Japanese on the other hand is totally unrepentant and cavalier in their attitudes and basically brushed it off almost as if the victims were unavoidable casualties of wars. Yes it is true that there are casualties in war but in fact civilians were systematically murdered as if they were some inferior sub-humans. Here is the crux of the matter, Japanese people although Asian have a racial hatred of the Asian race esp their immediate neighbors china and Korea. They worship white people and white culture and consider Chinese and Koreans as inferior beings similarly to the Nazis view of the Jews. For example, the Japanese worship their US masters even though the US bombed them with nuclear weapons. The Japanese have no hatred but only love and respect for the US because they represent the supposedly superior White Man. But imagine if China was the one that delivered those 2 bombs. I scarcely can imagine what hatred the Japanese people will have of China then, if in fact a single defenseless fishing boat can get them so riled up. The Japanese somehow collectively (at least in their own minds) managed to extricate themselves from what they believe as "inferior" Asian race and become some sort of honorable White race. Because of this mindset they can view Asians (Chinese and Koreans but not Japanese) as some degenerate sub-humans who are not worthy of existing along side the Japanese. From this kind of pathological national character, the Japanese were able to massacres and rape Chinese civilians with almost a glee and enjoyment which is even absent in the Nazi's systematic extermination of the Jews. This might be history, but I still think traces of these kind of thinking still pervades in the undercurrents of the Japanese national character. That is why the Japanese have not apologize and never will unless they comes to grip with their underlying national pathology. The pathology is not believing that Asians are not inferior people and that Japanese are 100% Asian themselves. If the Japanese as a nation truly believe this than I believe they will apologize for their past atrocities.
Posted by dan  on  Fri Nov 05, 2010  at  07:43 AM
Dan..totally agreed! From a non Japanese leaving in Japan (your explanation reflects 200% of what is happening here)
Posted by pamela  on  Sat Nov 27, 2010  at  11:27 PM
Problem is coming to terms with such "pathology" as you put it is against the national interest. Look at the jews for example and their current pathology believing the Palestinians are subhuman and can be killed and expelled from their homes as the great jewish nation pleases. It worked wonders for them for 6 decades already now, as it would have worked for the japanese and germans had they won the war.

The reality is warcrimes and national persecutions work. They only seem not to work when an outside force intervenes and has an interest in demonizing the losing party, that's all.

The US and the west in general is guilty of the exact same things all throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in countless wars and yet nobody makes a fuss about it simply because the western powers haven't lost a war yet. If they did everybody would be all outraged on "how it could have happened" after having thought about the atrocities in school and a new movie each year for 60 years just to make sure nobody forgets.
Posted by Nick  on  Sun Nov 28, 2010  at  08:53 AM
Correction "having thought" should read "having been taught"
Posted by Nick  on  Sun Nov 28, 2010  at  08:55 AM
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