The Chicago River Hippo

The mystery of the Chicago River hippo has been solved.

The hippo first came to the public's attention on September 15, when a video of it swimming in the Chicago River was posted to YouTube by "Chris O" (who had never posted anything to YouTube before).

Two weeks later, this was followed by a second hippo video, now uploaded by "Matt ZB80." Again, it was Matt's first and only video.

Pretty much everyone was skeptical of the idea that there really was a hippo loose in the Chicago River. The police noted that there were no reports of a wild animal in the river. And a representative from the Chicago zoo, interviewed by The Blaze, said it was "highly unlikely" a hippo could survive in Chicago's cold climate.

Nevertheless, the hippo videos circulated widely on social media.

The mystery was fully solved a few days ago when a company called MortgageHippo stepped forward to take credit for the videos, verifying that they were a publicity stunt.

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Posted on Sat Oct 11, 2014


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