Catching up with Stephen Glass

Stephen Glass can't catch a break. He burned his bridges in journalism, and now the lawyers don't want him either.
Stephen Glass, journalist fired for fake stories, denied law license

SAN FRANCISCO (KABC) -- Disgraced former journalist Stephen Glass was denied a license to practice law in California in a state supreme court ruling on Monday. The court ruled unanimously against Glass, a magazine writer who was fired after 31 of 42 high-profile stories were determined to contain fabrications and falsehoods.

Glass, 41, was fired from the The New Republic magazine in 1998 after working there for three years. After being exposed, he continued to cover up his work by creating fake business cards, websites and notes supposedly culled from interviews with non-existent sources. Glass' reluctance to cooperate with the magazine in identifying false stories was a substantial reason for the court's decision, according to a court statement.


Posted on Wed Jan 29, 2014


I'll have to watch the movie Shattered Glass some time.
Posted by Peter  on  Sat Feb 01, 2014  at  08:10 PM
Gee, back when I was being interviewed by local newspaper reporters, 11 misquoted me. Only one wrote an accurate piece. One even put my so-called quotes entirely into her own words. Anyone reading who knew me as a normal, heterosexual male knew I couldn't have spoken thusly. When I met the "reporter" again, she expressed surprise upon my complaining. Yet Stephen Glass ended up getting grief for this? Not in Indiana.
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Fri Feb 07, 2014  at  04:23 PM
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