Cat Hoaxes promises that they'll eventually have a list of 11 cat hoaxes. In part 1 they have five:
  1. Elvis the Robo-Cat
  2. Bonsai Kittens
  3. The one-eyed kitten (which was real!)
  4. Painted Cats
  5. Snowball the Monster Cat
The article is worth a look if only to rewatch the video of Elvis the Robo-Cat.


Posted on Wed Sep 17, 2008


Hi Alex!
Thanks a lot for the link!
The second part should be online tomorrow or Friday! 😊 Yep, Elvis the Robo-Cat is really a funny clip 😉

Good luck with you nice website!
Posted by mrmuggles  on  Wed Sep 17, 2008  at  07:11 PM
I'd like to have one of the bonsai kitties. Would go great on the shelf next to the bonsai plants.
Posted by KDP  on  Thu Sep 18, 2008  at  07:45 AM
Just a little note to let you know that the second part of the post is online till last week! 😉
Posted by mrmuggles  on  Sun Sep 21, 2008  at  08:23 PM
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