Cardiff Giant in Perth

Here are some pictures, courtesy of Nettie and Smerk, of the Cardiff Giant enjoying the sights in Perth. (Nettie sent me the pictures about three weeks ago, but Thanksgiving and the moon hoax distracted me. At least, that's the excuse for my slowness that I'm going with.)

So where should the Cardiff Giant go next? Any volunteers to host him? I'm hoping it might be possible to send him somewhere in the general neighborhood of Australia. Japan, maybe? I'll wait a week for responses, and in the meantime I'll also see if I can find any volunteers through non-MoH channels.

Art Exploration/Travel Miscellaneous

Posted on Fri Dec 16, 2011


The Giant had a wonderful time in Perth! Thanks for sending him Alex, I always have fun running around the city taking photos of visitors!

I hope we can find a fun holiday destination for him to go to next 😊
Posted by Nettie  on  Sun Dec 18, 2011  at  05:44 AM
aHA, he's a 'womanizer'!
Posted by hulitoons  on  Mon Dec 19, 2011  at  08:48 AM
I'm not from Australia or Japan, but as I offered once before I'd be willing to show him around Estonia once he's done with his holidays in warmer and grander areas.
Posted by Cliodna  on  Fri Dec 30, 2011  at  02:41 AM
He is welcome in Michigan anytime as well...
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Sun Jan 01, 2012  at  05:24 PM
He needs to come up here to the Rockies for a few weeks this summer!! :cheese:
Posted by daveprime  on  Mon Jan 09, 2012  at  11:53 PM
Wonderful pictures!! I never visit Perth before but these pictures are giving me inspiration to visit there. Thanks very much.
Posted by albeartfried  on  Sun Jan 29, 2012  at  12:30 AM
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