Calling 999 does not charge your mobile phone battery

Idiotic things people will believe: The Bedfordshire Police recently posted a statement on their website, informing everyone that calling 999 and then disconnecting immediately will not actually boost the battery life of your mobile phone battery, despite a rumor to the contrary. Apparently emergency operators have been receiving a lot of these phone-charging calls.

There's a similar rumor that claims you can recharge your mobile phone by putting it in a microwave for a minute. Also not true.
Don’t Ring 999 to Charge Your Mobile – It Doesn’t Work!
Bedfordshire Police would like to warn mobile phone users not to phone 999 to charge their mobiles.
It is known that a rumour or urban myth suggesting that calling 999 and disconnecting immediately will boost the battery life of a phone has been circulating for some time throughout the country.
Over the past 6 months the Force Control Room (FCR) has received numerous calls from members of the public who believe the myth and are incorrectly trying to get more power out of their mobile device.
Inspector Claire Ackerman, of the Force Control Room, said, “This myth has been circulating for some time now and we are not the only force to have suffered from these false calls. Calling 999 for anything other than an emergency or a non-police matter puts additional pressure on resources, ties up an operator and wastes valuable time that could be better spent helping genuine callers possibly in a life-threatening situation. The only way to boost a mobile phone battery is to use a charger.”

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Posted on Fri Jan 17, 2014


The solution is simple.

If they try to charge their phones, charge their bank accounts instead.

Wasting emergency resources should simply be punished with hefty fines. Not just this type, other ways of pestering 999/911/112 as well. They're doing a necessary emergency job and you're wasting their time? Pay. Just pay, through the teeth.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Sun Jan 19, 2014  at  09:12 AM
Humans: some are so smart they can create technology to bounce information around the world from satellites; others amaze me that they can even have the brain power to continue breathing.
Posted by Mr R  on  Mon Jan 20, 2014  at  06:13 AM
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