The Mysterious Cabbit

image What is a cabbit? It's a cross between a cat and a rabbit. They're as cute as rabbits, but as affectionate as cats. But according to Sarah Hartwell, who's written an extensive study about this animal over at, cabbits aren't real. Though having said that, they're not exactly tall-tale creatures either, like the jackalope or fur-bearing trout, because there have been documented cases of animals that look like cat-rabbit hybrids. But these apparent hybrids always turn out to be cats with genetic mutations that have resulted in rabbit-like deformities. As Hartwell notes, "It is possible to cross-breed some animals... But you can't get crossbreeds from cats and rabbits because they are unrelated and are genetically very different from each other. A cat is a carnivore with its whole body adapted to hunting and meat-eating. A rabbit is a herbivore with its whole body adapted to eating plants." Lots of other curious cats are discussed over at including squittens, kangaroo cats, cacoons, cat-skunks, and woof-pusses. (via Metafilter)


Posted on Thu Aug 26, 2004


A manx is a breed of cat that has long back legs, short front legs, and either a short or no tail. When a manx runs, it runs with a bunny-like hop. From a distance it might look like a cabbit. I have a cat who's half manx, so she does carry the characteristic run-hop and short tail.
Posted by john  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  12:24 PM
Years ago someone around here (Dallas-Fort Worth area) managed to get on local TV news shows with an alleged "cabbit." It seemed pretty obvious to me it was nothing but an obese cat with a fairly short tail.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  05:11 PM
And a cat is a hunter and a rabbit a prey animal, so instead of the cabbit chasing its tail and be furthermore totally nuts, it would chase and eat itself.
Posted by Chipo  on  Fri Aug 27, 2004  at  03:13 AM
My parents have a manx too, and it runs just like you'd expect a "cabbit" to run.
Posted by SS  on  Fri Aug 27, 2004  at  08:29 AM
Alex, mind if I mention this on my website? This is quite interesting.
Posted by Alex  on  Sun Aug 29, 2004  at  08:58 PM
Feel free to mention it. No need to ask.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 30, 2004  at  12:49 AM
hey get out of alex's name, fool!
Posted by john  on  Mon Aug 30, 2004  at  04:42 PM
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Posted by katelyn king  on  Tue Sep 07, 2004  at  09:51 AM
ok, then how come my cat had kittens that had fur like a rabbit, and one of them looks exactly like a rabbit, and it can't meow, but it sqeaks? i'm not saying it IS a cabbit, because i'm confused. but my friend insists they are ... (the mother isn't a manx,shes a siamese)
anybody have any suggestions?
Posted by katie  on  Wed Oct 04, 2006  at  06:36 PM
No clue what so ever
Posted by kate  on  Wed Oct 04, 2006  at  06:49 PM
I had a cabbit when i was younger...they are real...i remember it clearly.
Posted by Katie  on  Sun Jan 20, 2008  at  07:14 PM
when i was 14 years ago i went to someones house in monroe michigan they had what they called a cabit the front looked completely like a cat and thee hind legs and tail were that of a rabbitt so could a mutation look so perfectly like another animal
Posted by mandy  on  Sun May 25, 2008  at  11:33 PM
I have a manx/cabbit bunny hopper.I think the gene that causes this deformity is now a rogue gene because this cat came from a normal walking manx and a longtail female. They have bowel problems that can be hard to deal with. I have to rub his stomach to make him go #2.he has to eat high quality food high in fiber and with less corn and wheat, and you have to clean their behinds everyday. Very high maintenance,but it was take him or the neighbors were going to axe him.Couldnt let that happen and he hops faster than my other 2 and he tries to talk when he meows.
Posted by Tiffany  on  Thu Jul 14, 2011  at  01:51 AM
When I was younger, I had a female cat and buck rabbit that would sleep in the same cage together. According to my parents, the two would "go at it" in the cage all the time. Then my calico cat got pregnant and when it was time to give birth, ah give birth in the black and white rabbit's cage with the rabbit inside. The offspring looked very much cat-like, except for their unusually long back legs, and there's no Manx cat breed in this cat, mind you, so it's not possible for the cats to be Manx. But what was strange was that the kittens were all different kinds of breeds. There was a calico, different colored tabbies, and two kittens that had the same exact kind of black and white pattern as the rabbit we owned. It's very unusual for a cat, even a calico, to have so many different breeds of kittens in one litter, and it was even crazier that two looked exactly like our rabbit. Even stranger still was their hopping ability. Not just when they walked, they had the same bouncy step to them every kitten has, but we had a four foot board separating them from the rest of the room so they wouldn't get into everything, and a couple people witnessed the kittens simply jump over the board, without a running start! Later once the kittens were given away, my grandmother had gotten one, and she would tell us of her cabbit's strange behavior. He would sit up on his hindquarters, like you'd see a rabbit do, and twitch his nose rapidly exactly like a rabbit would. After the buck rabbit died, we had a few rabbits after him, male and female, but my cat was never even friendly towards them, but she would attack them and bite their necks, which she never did with that one rabbit. So I don't care what people say, I'm totally convinced that cabbits exist.
Posted by Alyssa  on  Sat Jun 22, 2013  at  08:42 AM
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