Bush Voters Have Lower IQs, Update

The Bush Voters have Lower IQ's data, which I posted about a few days ago, is getting a lot of attention now that it's been printed by the American Assembler. Their reprint of it is #3 on Blogdex. But while they're now aware that the source of the info is not IQ and the Wealth of Nations, as they originally claimed, they don't seem aware that the true source of the info appears to be a student at UMass.

Scratch that. The student at UMass definitely helped disseminate the chart by posting it on his website, but he seems to have simply picked it up off the web, specifically from a guy named Robert Calvert who posted the data to a usenet group for members of Mensa back in 2002. Where Robert Calvert got the data is a mystery. Presumably he made it up, since I haven't been able to find figures for average IQ by state anywhere.


Posted on Fri May 07, 2004


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