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Some woman (who doesn't name herself) has realized that for years people have been reading her mind. "TV shows were following my daily thoughts and stores began bringing products I had been wishing for, it finally dawned on me that they were not just teasing me, they were actually getting more viewers and selling more products!" Instead of fighting this condition, she's decided to accept it and profit from it. For which reason, she's now accepting "brain ads." In return for a donation, she will project the telepathic ad of your choice. I'm assuming this is a joke. (Thanks, Bob!)

Advertising Paranormal Websites

Posted on Tue Apr 14, 2009


I often hear songs in my head, only to find them playing on a radio station at the same time. No, it's not my fillings, Skipper, so don't whack me in the head with a coconut. I sometimes hear the local AM station playing at a very low level as background noise on my land-line telephone, too. The phone company told me there was nothing they could do about it. I assumed they thought I was nuts. I'm psychic, and I knew they were going to say that. I knew You were going to say THAT too. I'm watching you, bud. I got your number and I know what your girl looks like nekked. Om
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Apr 14, 2009  at  01:30 PM
I've always thought I should get paid to think about most of the stuff I see advertised. If this woman manages to cash any checks, I want to know how she does it.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Apr 14, 2009  at  02:28 PM
Look real close on the bottom of her "about" page, just above the copyright on the left hand side - in very faint grey print it says "Help this nut help others."
Posted by Sam  on  Tue Apr 14, 2009  at  05:47 PM
"I sometimes hear the local AM station playing at a very low level as background noise on my land-line telephone, too."

My ex-wife grew up in Garfield, NJ. Many people in that area are/were able to listen to WABC, a 50,000 watt AM station, on their phones. All you had to do was hit any number to get rid of the dial tone and there it was, clear as day.

There actually is a little piece of equipment the phone company can put on your line to make it go away.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Apr 14, 2009  at  06:06 PM
Try an aluminum foil hat, it's multi-purpose, it blocks incoming radio/beta/UV/paranormal waves plus it's excellent for repelling people you don't want to talk to anyway...
Posted by Canadarm  on  Tue Apr 14, 2009  at  06:52 PM
"stores began bringing products I had been wishing for"

That's the magic of consumer research! Does she spend much of her free time taking part in focus groups?
Posted by Chris  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  03:14 AM
Yeah, and Scott Adams has been bugging my place of work for years.
Posted by David B.  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  10:34 AM
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