Boston Couple Eats Glass

Status: Insurance Scam
When I was in elementary school, I often heard a rumor that if you ate chalk you could fake the symptoms of being sick, and thus not have to go to school. I never tried it, but this couple seems to have taken the same idea and advanced it a step further:

A couple has been charged with filing fraudulent insurance claims that said they had eaten glass found in their food at restaurants, hotels and grocery stores, federal prosecutors said... The couple used aliases, false Social Security numbers and identity cards, and in some cases, had eaten glass intentionally to support their insurance claims, prosecutors said. The glass did not come from the food they had bought, prosecutors said.

On the other hand, this couple could also suffer from hyalophagia, a medical disorder characterized by the eating of glass. (Thanks to Joe Littrell for the link)

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Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2006


Scam scam scam scam Lovely Scaaaammmm..!

(bloody vikings!)
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Mon Apr 17, 2006  at  08:34 PM
Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't follow the logic on this one (insurance scam). Should this not be better listed under attempted suicides ("had eaten glass intentionally to support their insurance claims")? Get Paul Harvey, I want 'The Rest of The Story...'!
Posted by Christopher in Joplin, Missouri  on  Tue Apr 18, 2006  at  04:57 AM
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