Bosnian Pyramids

Status: Looks like a hoax
image The discovery of massive pyramids in Bosnia was widely reported in the news last month (at which point Beasjt posted about it in the Hoax Forum). The discovery was made by a Bosnian-American businessman named Semir Osmanagic, who has been actively pursuing Chariots-of-the-Gods-style archaeology for the past fifteen years, mostly in Mexico and Central America. (He believes the Mayans were descended from Atlanteans who came from the Pleiades... you can read about it in his book, The World of the Maya, which is online.)

Osmanagic claims the supposed Bosnian pyramids were built by a Bosnian super civilization that existed 12,000 years ago. But since Osmanagic's announcement of the "discovery," mainstream archaeologists have been busy refuting his claims. Anthony Harding of the European Association of Archaeologists suggests that Osmanagic may have found "voids or something similar in the rock," but not pyramids. He also points out that 12,000 years ago "Europe was in the late Upper Paleolithic... and no one was building anything except flimsy huts."

Other archaeologists are equally skeptical. Archaeology magazine reports that: "Curtis Runnels, a specialist in the prehistory of Greece and the Balkans at Boston University, notes that 'Between 27,000 and 12,000 years ago, the Balkans were locked in the last Glacial maximum, a period of very cold and dry climate with glaciers in some of the mountain ranges. The only occupants were Upper Paleolithic hunters and gatherers who left behind open-air camp sites and traces of occupation in caves. These remains consist of simple stone tools, hearths, and remains of animals and plants that were consumed for food. These people did not have the tools or skills to engage in the construction of monumental architecture.'"

Sounds to me like Osmanagic is hoping to exploit Bosnian cultural nationalism by cooking up some farfetched story about an ancient Bosnian super civilization. It's basically the same thing Macpherson did when he wrote his Fragments of Ancient Scottish Poetry and attributed them to a 3rd century bard named Ossian (thereby suggesting that Scotland was producing great literature before England), or that the Piltdown hoaxer did when he engineered the discovery of the missing link between man and ape in England (thereby suggesting that England was the birthplace of modern man). (Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the Bosnian Pyramids.)


Posted on Sat May 06, 2006


It must be true because quite obviously misterious forces are stopping anyone commenting on this...
Posted by Peter  on  Mon May 08, 2006  at  12:41 PM
It is my personal opinion that the pyramids aren
Posted by Draconegia  on  Mon May 08, 2006  at  03:36 PM
I've actually passed through Visoko (the location of the alleged pyramid) and seen the hill in question (from several miles away), and in my opinion, it is of entirely natural origin, not made by ancient humans.

Draconegia is right, though, that building a pyramid doesn't take sophisticated technology. Just mound up some earth, cover it with stones, and you've got a pyramid.

The "Mound Builder" culture of roughly 1500-1000 years ago in what's now the central U.S. built some very impressive, and interestingly shaped, earthworks, apparently simply by dumping baskets of dirt in specified places. Many, many baskets of dirt.

The Inca civilization of South America built great stoneworks apparently without any metal tools and without wheels, pulleys, or hoists. Their main method seems to have been banging one rock against another until the banged-upon rock reached the desired shape.

So what building pyramids, mounds, or most any other big structure requires is a social group organized enough (or despotic enough, maybe) to marshall lots and lots of people all to put their rocks, dirt, logs, or whatever in the designated places.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon May 08, 2006  at  04:17 PM
Or, alternately, you can take a hill that's already there and just remove what you don't want. Packing down turf, digging a tunnel into a hillside, or even just shaping pre-existing caves doesn't exactly take an advanced civilisation.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue May 09, 2006  at  12:34 AM
I guess what worries me about everything I am reading on these pyramids, is that for some as of yet unknown reason, not only is the entire scientific community but Pro Bosnian political groups are doing and saying everything they can think of to discredit this "potential" discovery. WHY? Why discredit? there are thousands of students studying everything from anthropology to archaeology that would pay their own way to investigate this site. Universities are lineing up to get in on the excavation.

Now I am no archaeologist...or scientist for that matter, but why are these groups trying so hard to discredit what could possibly turn out to be a monumental discovery in Europe? Where is the harm, whether this turns out to be a true ancient pyramid, or just a fortified Roman Outpost, in theorizing about and studying a peculiar site long known to harbor 20,000 year old artifacs? Why is this a political tug of war? Where are these organizations representatives when Samir offers to give them a tour of the excavation?

I don't claim to know what this mysterious place is, but I am not afraid to find out....why are they?
Posted by Yermamma  on  Thu May 18, 2006  at  01:21 PM
They have a website now:
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  on  Tue Jul 04, 2006  at  04:19 AM
Sounds to me like someone is trying to hide something. That is why they do not want anyone poking around and excavating. There is the explination of the goverment getting involved in debunking the claim.
Posted by Lounge Lizard  on  Tue Aug 08, 2006  at  12:40 PM
For the person who wrote the aritcle above i can only say that you are uninformed, barely educated jealous person.

Nowhere in his book, did Mr. Osmanagic wrote about anciant Bosnians building the pyramids. You are, and all of those here who have seen many great excavation pictures from are jealous and full of crap.

Big Gary wrote above that he had been in Visoko and he had "observed" the hill and he came to a conclusion that the hill is of a natural origin. After a good laugh a question poped up in mind to ask gary: "Where did you defend your Ph.D in Archeology studies and History in general?"

Bosnia has pyramids! YOU MUST ACCEPT IT! leave the hate towards Bosnia and Bosniaks behind as it will only damage you internal spiritual values.
Posted by Aca  on  Sun Oct 01, 2006  at  10:25 AM
I've read an interesting article on
about the corners of the pyramid. It would be an easy way to proof
quickly the existence, but they dig near the corners but not the
corners. Then they've dug something on the top of it, but not the
top!? I've seen some pictures on that really let me think again about
this whole thing. Every day I believe less in this mystery.
Posted by Bosnian Pyramids  on  Fri Feb 16, 2007  at  03:22 AM
I think it's a case for Daniel Jackson and the rest of the SG1 team.
Posted by Nona  on  Mon Mar 05, 2007  at  05:38 AM
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