Blood-Drizzler Moles Detected

News dispatch from Crazyland: the Nairobi Mall massacre is all a hoax! Sure, you may see images of blood-soaked people in the news, but that's all the work of "blood-drizzler moles" squirting each other with fake blood. Oh, and the whole thing is a Zionist plot. That goes without saying.

Nairobi Hoax Blood-Drizzler Moles Detected
(Alternative News Network)
The eyes do not fail those with discerning vision. Let there be no doubt about it, like Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing hoax, the Nairobi Mall Massacre, as the Israelis would like this to be known, too, is a Zionist hoax. Regardless, how is this man a true gunshot victim? How could he be bleeding to this degree and still be standing upright? He, along with the others, is a crisis actor. There is no other conclusion. Rather, the others could well be, in fact, they could all be government moles, just like the wretched moles from the DHS and FEMA who perpetrated their scandalous acts against the American people through the Sandy Hook and Boston frauds.

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Posted on Tue Sep 24, 2013


I'm sorry, I hear 'blood drizzler mole' and I think of some small yet vicious little rodent cryptid...
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Wed Sep 25, 2013  at  03:18 AM
Robin, that was my initial thought when I saw the headline, too! Probably would've been a more entertaining read if that was what it was about. This story has just left me with a headache where I've been headdesking.
Posted by Smerk  on  Wed Sep 25, 2013  at  03:40 AM
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