Birth or Not

The Premise: A couple claims to be allowing the internet to vote on whether or not they'll have an abortion.

This has been getting a lot of attention on blogs over the past few days, and by now it's been definitively proven to be a hoax. Kevin Hoffman points out what I think is the most telling piece of evidence. The couple registered the domain name over two months before the baby was supposedly conceived. Also, the man behind the site has been identified as Pete Arnold, who is apparently a well-known right-wing troll.

So, in other words, this is just another cynical shock-style hoax designed to be offensive. (Thanks, Bob!)

Birth/Babies Websites

Posted on Mon Nov 22, 2010


Peter and Alisha Arnold are reputed to be a happy 30-something couple in Apple Valley, Minn., with an eye toward beginning a family, writes Life Website News. I read this hereBirth or Not - Abortion or birth.Birth or Not abortion site Real or hoax,Alisha says to be expecting, and the unborn baby is reportedly 17 weeks old. Even so, the couple states to be torn over whether or not to have the infant, so they've created a site called Birth or Not ( In order to help make their decision, the Arnolds are enlisting the minds of the Interwebs. Should they give birth or abort is the question.
Posted by IsiahR  on  Tue Nov 23, 2010  at  03:39 AM
As someone on Pharyngula pointed out, this hoax also completely misses the point of being pro-choice, which is that you NOT have to have anybody else decide for you.
Posted by Cobwebs  on  Tue Nov 23, 2010  at  10:50 AM
Because betraying trust and encouraging cynicism is exactly how you get people to be more religious and compassionate, right? Yeah, I'm positive that's how it works!
Posted by Crazy Ivan  on  Tue Nov 23, 2010  at  11:24 AM
There are sonogram pics at the site that to me look pretty advanced (a good trick to show a developing baby in the womb to arise sympathy); aren't the sonograms showing a baby that is more advanced than they claim?.......I mean before it was deemed a hoax, this was the giveaway for me but does anyone know if they were accurate?
Posted by mario  on  Wed Nov 24, 2010  at  06:36 AM
I have been watching this site to see what was going to be the ending outcome. Needless to say I was not surprised. They "sent the poll results off to be checked for fraudulent votes" and the result (finally) was for them to continue the pregnancy.
Posted by rachellyn  on  Sat Dec 04, 2010  at  06:53 PM
That is just sick! hope it is just a media scam
Posted by kommode egetr  on  Sun Dec 19, 2010  at  02:10 PM
They just used it to get peoples pathetic
Posted by Sunrooms  on  Sun Dec 26, 2010  at  06:37 PM
just wanted to take audience attention.
Posted by Mak  on  Thu Jan 06, 2011  at  12:20 AM
These people got nothing better to do to attract attention through being shallow.

But it is really effective because there are more shallow people on this planet.
Posted by Tom  on  Sun Jan 16, 2011  at  12:18 AM
Even so, the couple states to be torn over whether or not to have the infant, so they've created a site called Birth or Not (
Posted by soberalex Sioras  on  Mon Mar 07, 2011  at  04:10 AM
This is really a bad thing. Those couple should not consider the choice of others in aborting their child.
Posted by freezonal  on  Fri Apr 29, 2011  at  06:53 AM
registering a domain name two months before you have even gotten pregnant to find out if you should have an abortion sounds like B.S. to me.

Yesterday I walked into a Safeway Store(grocery store in Pacific Northwest). They had a bunch of signs up saying I could buy 10 pounds of oranges for 10 bucks. They also had a sign saying that I could buy them by the pound for 69 cents per pound over the oranges themselves.

Maybe because we elect morons to lead our nation, people just assume that Americans will go for any bull crap that they put in front of us. Who knows, maybe they are right.
Posted by alcoholism rehab  on  Fri Apr 29, 2011  at  11:25 PM
Another media scam.
Posted by Skidz  on  Mon May 09, 2011  at  03:31 PM
At the end of the day, I think this is totally your decision as to what you do. I am generally a very pro abortion person if the circumstances are not right for someone to bring a child into the world. However, you two seem to live a comfortable lifestyle and have a stable relationship which are what I would like to bring a child into and not many children these days have that opportunity. Steven
Posted by Steven  on  Tue Jun 21, 2011  at  12:23 AM
Well i think they should keep the baby. A baby is a gift from God and its a blessing so there's no reason to abort.
Posted by clara perron  on  Wed Jul 13, 2011  at  09:33 AM
I think is just to get a buzz from the media, that's my guess
Posted by hampton bay  on  Mon Jul 18, 2011  at  03:41 PM
I agree with Clara Perron, babies are gifts. Its just that people don't realized that because maybe of the responsibilities that they may encounter on the future or they just don't want it and go into abortion. Poor child..
Posted by ken  on  Tue Jul 26, 2011  at  09:53 PM
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