Big Corn

image Jim sent in this picture of his grandfather posing with an ear of corn, along with this explanation: "My grandfather, Frank Weed, who died in 1949, worked on the railroad for years. He bragged to the other men about how big the Iowa corn was but they wouldn’t believe it. So my father took a picture of him, and of an ear of corn, then cut the negative, pasted the other into the hole and printed it. After that, the criticism of my grandfather’s exaggerations were silenced!" Thanks, Jim!

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Posted on Wed Jul 14, 2004


very interesting
Posted by john  on  Wed Jul 14, 2004  at  07:16 PM
hehe thats cute
Posted by Ariel  on  Wed Jul 14, 2004  at  08:04 PM
Sorry but even i can see that this picture is a hoax, the lighting is wrong and the picture is taken a the tipical way that is often seen in depth perception hoaxes.
Bit if the corn would be real fun making it into popcorn 😛
Posted by Jeroen  on  Fri Jul 16, 2004  at  01:51 PM
Good detective work, but remember, Jeroen, that this was done for railroad men who didn't know beans about photography. They were totally fooled, I'm told.
Posted by Jim  on  Tue Jul 20, 2004  at  02:47 PM
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