Ass-Kicking Sheriff

image Kristen sent in this picture of a Kern County police car bearing a decal with the motto, "We'll Kick Your Ass... And take your doughnuts too." The picture is doing the email rounds (it's been doing them for about a year) accompanied by a caption that explains:
Kern County California police drove this car for 1 week before an officer noticed what the graphics company employee did on the passenger side of the car. The employee did this on his last day working for the graphics company before he retired.
The picture is actually real (i.e. it's not photoshopped), but the caption explaining it is incorrect, which is a pity because the real story is better than the phony story. The decals weren't created by a mischievous graphics company employee. They were created by the Kern County police themselves as an in-house joke. This all happened last year (2003). Of course, when the picture of the squad car began circulating via email, it soon found its way to a local newspaper, the editor of which called up the Sheriff to ask him what it was all about. The Sheriff at first denied all knowledge of it, saying it was a doctored photo, but later the truth leaked out: a Kern County police Commander had ordered the decals made. All the details of the story can be found in this KGET News article. Of course, it didn't take long for someone to start selling 'We'll Kick Your Ass' merchandise on cafepress. Or, if your dog's birthday is coming up, you can get him a 'We'll Bite Your Ass' t-shirt.

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Posted on Wed Jun 09, 2004


For the record, the "We'll Bite Your Ass" also appeared on a Kern County Sheriff's vehicle, though it was a K-9 unit.

The working on the "We'll Bite Your Ass" merchandise is merely reflecting the true weirdness that surrounds this story in Kern County, home of the Mojave Spaceport.
Posted by The Comedian  on  Mon Jun 21, 2004  at  01:20 PM
Oops, I blew my URL in the previous post. It should be .
Posted by The Comedian  on  Mon Jun 21, 2004  at  01:24 PM
It appears that the bottom doughnut message was photoshopped. There's no mention of it in the news story.
Posted by Patrick  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  10:08 AM
You are correct. The second message about the donut's was added to the picture later on.
Posted by The Comedian  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  11:39 AM
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