Artificial hips are all the rage

Kenyan men like women with large hips. So Kenyan women eager for male attention are flocking to beauticians who are selling artificial hips. The hips consist of foam padding held on by skin-tight bike shorts and covered by cotton fabric. The Kenya Standard reports:

Ready-made shape boosters (not their original name) go for as much as Sh250. Those who bring their own bikers pay Sh100 for hips only and Sh150 for all that goes on the backside.

However, the hips do have some potential problems:

The ‘hips’ were a closely guarded secret until men spotted a woman whose behind appeared un-proportional. "I looked at the lady and realized something was very wrong. It’s like one side of her hips was tumbling down," says a town resident Mary Auma who witnessed it. The foam material had apparently loosened up leaving her with an extraordinarily weird shape. Stories are told of men who get bewitched with the hips only to be shocked to reality when the women undress. The hips christened ‘please call me’ are not always as natural as they seem.

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Posted on Mon Aug 18, 2008


I recall that a few decades ago, the original Dear Abby mentioned in passing (in her advice column) that there were such things as padded girdles for people who thought their behinds weren't big enough. She received hundreds of letters from readers asking where they could buy said items. Most of them were from women, but several came from men who had jobs like truck driving and wanted extra padding underneath them.

Padded bras, padded shorts ... there's not really much difference, is there?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Aug 18, 2008  at  08:02 PM
I agree Big G - there's no difference at all between padded bras and shorts. They're both false advertising!

I wish I could be said to be falsely advertising but alas they're all mine :down:
Posted by Nettie  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  03:21 AM
Are you happy to see me or are those two wildcats fighting in your trousers?
Posted by KDP  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  07:30 AM
Kind of like a Wonderbra then.
Posted by MadCarlotta  on  Tue Aug 19, 2008  at  01:29 PM
In the winter time, I put some stuffing in my sleeves to make my elbows look bigger. It drives everyone wild. They're chasing after me until spring trying to get in on some of that elbow action.
Posted by Sakano  on  Wed Aug 20, 2008  at  06:44 AM
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