April Fool UFO Hoax

One problem is that the planned hoax is too late in the day. According to the rules of April Fool's Day, pranks have to be done before noon! If you do it after noon, then you become the fool. (Does no one care about the rules any more???)

So it would be better to do this early in the morning on the 1st, rather than in the evening.

RC Group Plans UFO Hoax
A Group of RC enthusiasts plan a April Fools Day UFO hoax.

This group of RC enthusiasts seem to have a secret plan to create an apocalyptic UFO doomsday hoax on April Fools Day. I not sure how long this big secret can be kept seeing that the entire plan is posted on their public forum.
The group plans on getting as many people as than can to rig their flying RC quadracopters
(or anything else they can get in the air) with lights and release them to the skies on April 1st at 8 pm. The preferred color is blue but they say any color will do. The plan is to get them in the air while it is dark but early enough that people are still out and about.

April Fools Day Extraterrestrial Life

Posted on Thu Feb 27, 2014


I follow the rules.
Posted by bookwoman  on  Thu Feb 27, 2014  at  04:31 PM
Sorry, Alex, but I'd never heard of that rule until I saw someone from the USA mention it on the 'net - and therefore, as we over here invented April Fools', the rule doesn't exist!
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Sat Mar 01, 2014  at  06:26 AM
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