Alien Implant Removal

Read this question carefully: Have you ever "seen a being with huge, dark, watery-looking, almond-shaped eyes and wrinkled, gray skin? Was it wearing a skin-tight metallic body suit that lit up? Did its huge head seem out of proportion to its frail body?" If you answered yes, then you either live with this guy, or you're a possible victim of alien abduction and might be carrying around an alien implant inside of you. If it's the latter, then you're in luck. The folks over at specialize in alien implant removal and deactivation. But please don't laugh. They seem very serious about this. (via J-Walk)

Extraterrestrial Life

Posted on Tue May 04, 2004


Don't make fun of those of us who have been abducted. It was... and continues to be... a horrible experience. Except the probing part... that was fun.
Posted by Gibum Tegwyn  on  Wed Jun 02, 2004  at  09:54 AM
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