Alien Autopsy Creator Revealed

Status: News about a hoax
image Sculptor John Humphreys has confessed to being the guy who created the alien that appeared in the infamous "alien autopsy" video. Remember that journalistic gem... how the camera would inexplicably go out of focus every time it neared the obviously rubber body? The Manchester Evening News reports:

Until now, he says, he has kept secret his most well-known work - footage of an alleged post mortem of an alien which, some say, crashed to Earth in Roswell in the United States in 1947. For years sceptics have claimed it was a hoax, but John has stayed quiet - saying he was sworn to secrecy. But with the release of sci-fi comedy Alien Autopsy, which features Ant and Dec and which is based loosely on the Roswell film, John says he has decided to reveal his role in the making of the 1996 film.

I thought the alien autopsy video dated back to 1995, not 1996. Specifically, it aired on the Fox network on August 28, 1995. But whatever the case may be, John Humphreys certainly seems to have possessed the skills necessary to make the fake alien, which would make his confession a credible one.

However, although I've never researched the Alien Autopsy hoax in great detail, from what I recall there were two autopsy films, the first one shot in a tent, and the second (more famous one) shot in an operating room. I assume Humphreys is confessing to creating the model used in the operating room footage. A guy named Ray Santilli is also frequently mentioned as the producer of the footage. So was Humphreys hired by Santilli? The article sheds no light on this.

Update: I see that the Wikipedia entry for Ray Santilli mentions Humphreys as the sculptor he hired. So evidently Humphreys involvement in the hoax was already widely known, or at least rumored, before his current confession.

Extraterrestrial Life

Posted on Thu Apr 06, 2006


Even so, the Roswell believers will cling to the idea the film is hard evidence of an alien UFO crash. The same thing happened after the hoaxsters admitted to making that Bigfoot film.
Posted by Captain Al  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  01:43 PM
Yep. "They're really working for the government conspiracy, trying to cover it up!"

Someone really needs to make a hoax autopsy.. make it look real on the surface of it, but throw in some very telling inaccuracies.. Modern equipment alongside stuff that would be outdated for Roswell, perhaps. Something the UFO community can hold up and tout as the legitimate deal, while everyone else snickers mercilessly.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  03:48 PM
Robin, I think in essence its been done. We're all snickering mercilessly.
Posted by chyca  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  05:21 PM
Yeah, I never did think it was real though. But no one ever admitted that the "patterson Gimlin" film was faked. Plus for the time it was made, the costume for the bigfoot creature was very sophisticated, so either they spent a whole lot of money making the costume or its real. Recently on the Discovery Channel they had a show about all of the evidence; they had surprising results actually.
I don't really know what to believe about that, but I treat everything I read or hear or see with a healthy dose of skepticism. I know at least two people who thought that the alien autopsy video was real. I found that amusing. Even if they had proof like that, why would they just allow it to be broadcasted? Obviously fake.
Posted by fluffychii  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  06:07 PM
Maybe it was just one of them weird babies.
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  09:32 PM
So let's say he comes forward with the actual rubber alien and offers it on e-bay. What's the status of that? A real auction of hoax paraphernalia?
Posted by Joe  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  11:59 PM
>Humphreys involvement in the hoax was already widely known, or at least rumored, before his current confession.

It mentioned in "4 April 2006" ,so I think wiki's article was edited recent day.
Posted by Ron  on  Fri Apr 07, 2006  at  12:30 AM
There are only 8 articles in search result, by "John Humphreys"+"alien autopsy". and every these articles are related to that movie. so it must be first confession, isn't it?"John+Humphreys"+"alien+autopsy"&btnG=Google+%E6%A4%9C%E7%B4%A2&lr;=
Posted by Ron  on  Fri Apr 07, 2006  at  12:33 AM
You guys need to check out the sky one show: "Eamonn Holmes Investigates: Alien Autopsy"

"Eamonn Holmes goes in search of the truth behind a film, purporting to show an alien undergoing an autopsy, that had apparently been shot at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Eleven years after it was screened in London, Holmes tracks down Ray Santilli, the man who acquired the film, to find out the truth about this bizarre hoax."

They all insist that there IS AN ORIGINAL FILM. But all seem to be holding back smurks when they are being asked to explain themselves after proclaiming "there are parts of the original film in the 1995 film". All butting in to give totally opposing explanations, they all finally agree that none of them actually remember what they mean by that statement (about mixed film).
Posted by JP  on  Fri Apr 07, 2006  at  01:43 AM
The wikipedia entry for Santilli was updated not long after the Sky One show aired, so it wasn't "widely known" before that show aired.
Posted by Andrew Nixon  on  Fri Apr 07, 2006  at  01:51 AM
Never was convinced when it came out, even though it looked quite good. But did anyone out there ever see "The Alien Interrogation" one. Or how about that "Project Serpo" story. Whether your a believer or not (I am) Its quite facsinating isnt it>
Posted by Andrew Scott  on  Mon Apr 24, 2006  at  04:00 PM
wow. they have a pic of me on this site! :coolsmile:
Posted by Anguirus  on  Sat Jun 17, 2006  at  10:16 PM


Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: PublishAmerica (7 Mar 2007)
Language English
ISBN-10: 1424119553
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This illustrated book features ALL aspects of the research and investigation of Ray Santilli and the Alien Autopsy film. No one remotely interested in UFOs cannot have failed to have heard about either Ray Santilli or the Alien Autopsy film. The film itself was released on TV and video across the world in l995 and was the subject of a Warner Bros movie in 2006.

Alien Autopsy Inquest aims to provide the reader with all the facts both for and against and allows them to act as their own judge and jury. Is the alien autopsy film the genuine article ? Does it depict some poor deformed human being ? Is it perhaps a US intelligence film ? Or is it simply a money-making fake ? This book allows you to decide for yourself.

Posted by Philip Mantle  on  Sat Mar 17, 2007  at  10:49 AM
I may check out that book you mentioned.

I'm still not totally convinced the Alien Autopsy video is a hoax.

Then again it could very well be.

The story about how the film was obtained is suspicious I guess. Supposedly this guy had it in his attic for a long time and nobody came and picked it up.

This sounds suspicious that anyone would even be allowed to keep such top secret film and take it off of the military base.

Then again we can't rule out army bungling. A mistake could have been made.

An expert from Kodak appeared on the documentary and said the film matched up with the correct time frame. He said fakes are obvious immediately. Why would he say something like that ? I assume they didn't also use an actor to represent someone from Kodak.

Those special effects experts also said it looked genuine to them.

That's a related question. If someone is so highly skilled why would they be messing around making something like that ?

I've seen statements from Santilli on the internet where he supposedly admits it is a hoax.

Then again everything on the internet isn't true either.

There should be technologies available to determine conclusively whether the alien body shown in the film is really organic or if it's made out of rubber.

I'm not sure if I trust what I read on the internet.

I know I don't trust the government at all in relation to this subject.

Let me put it this way if they wanted Santilli or anyone else to say something they have ways of making people cooperate.

On the other hand I have to be realistic and admit it could be a hoax.

Jeff Marzano
Posted by Jeff Marzano  on  Tue Mar 20, 2007  at  10:34 PM
what will the neighbors say?i must be a skeptic about all this little green men long as i maintain a skeptical posture i will be looked upon as a smart person!!there is no such thing as pathological skepticism you know; anatomical evidence does not warrant serious scientific investigation.these poor stupid gullible folk just have very malleable imaginations.heaven help our next step toward enlightenment if these delusional fantasies permeate the mindset of our civilized society .it should be in our best interest to debunk this insanity at all cost.NOW REPEAT THAT AGAIN!!!!
Posted by duncan parker  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  09:45 PM
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